Summer Favorites :: Style & Home

While I do love all things beauty related, there are a lot of non-beauty faves that I have. As an effort to branch out and photograph/write about other things, I'm trying to post about other favorites and things I'm loving. This is definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone of photographing small beauty products that fit in my hand and experimenting with lifestyle shoots. Bear with me as I try and get the hang of this new photography game! 

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I love shoes. Growing up I had dreams of having a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet filled to the brim with stylish heels and I have accumulated quite a number of shoes over the years. However, I have learned that I'm really not a heels type person. (Yeah, I know - two of the shoes have heels. But they're  b a b y  heels. I've learned that as long as the heels stay at 2 3/4" or lower, we're good. 3" could be okay too, but that's pushing it a little.) When I say heels I mean stiletto / strappy sandal / peep toe heels - the special event kind. Anywho - I'm really all about the "comfort" shoe. I'm the kind of girl that's going to choose flats over heels for a night out (because we all know that every night out in heels ends up being a bad night out - for me anyways). While I'm not opposed to heels every once in a while, I no longer dream of filling my shoe closet with beautiful heels. Instead, I now dream of filling it with still beautiful shoes, but in a more comfy and practical sense.

I've added in three shoes to my collection lately after tossing out *4* old pairs of shoes earlier this month (mostly old flats). Anywho - I ended up picking up 3 variations of mules because I clearly have a type. Let's work our way from left to right! I picked up these Madewell Harper Mules in a tan leather shade. I was debating between these and the cream colored shade, but in the end I decided I had way too many white/cream colored shoes and needed to mix it up a little. I have a few pairs of Madwell heels and the chunky heels are always so comfortable and I could walk a lot in them with z e r o pain. They are constantly selling out but they recently did a re-stock (which sold out again), but keep your eyes on them and they might come back. They're also available at Nordstrom so watch for them to come back too. Next up are these Avianna Kitten Heel Mules that I snagged from Target. Again - I almost got the bone colored version, but in the end decided on these mustard ones. They add a teeny pop of color into my otherwise neutral wardrobe in the subtlest way. This one comes in at the 2" heel mark and is surprisingly very comfy - I'm actually super impressed with Target shoes lately and *hopefully* this isn't the start of a little shopping problem. And last up is my little birthday present to myself this year. Although I ended up being sick on my actual birthday, you can bet that I took these out the very next day for their *first day out.* I'm a basic bitch and I had been eyeing these Gucci Princetown Mule Loafer for quite some time now. I had some Nordstrom rewards (THANKS MOM) and had a good few blog months so I thought why not. I did a lot of research and decided if I just wanted to get the regular loafer or the mule version - but you can see which one I ended up going with. The selling point for me was that I live in California and I can totally wear them year round. Y'know, aside from when it's raining out. But I see these ones being a staple with some jeans and dresses this Summer.

In my last favorites post, I mentioned a new denim jacket that had been taking over my closet. That jacket would be the Madewell Jacket in Pinter Wash. The last time I owned this jacket was probably 8th grade and that was from Abercrombie & Fitch and it was much more fitted, slightly destroyed, and had a hood. This time around I wanted one that was loose but not like the over sized vintage Levi's ones (I had one and ended up selling it on Poshmark cause it wasn't for me). I ended up getting a Medium because I wanted to be able to wear it with a sweater without feeling uncomfortable and I think it ended up being perfect - even with just a tee underneath! I think the first week I got it, I wore it almost 4/7 days. I pretty much try to get away with wearing it as much as I can but aside from Casual Friday, I maybe get away with maybe one other work day. It looks great with black jeans and looks great over a dress - I'm hooked. And the 90's kid inside of me is digging it. Speaking of 90's kid, I made an order from The Reformation and while 2/3 items didn't work, I did end up falling in love with this Gable Top. Paired with some mom jeans, I am feeling all the 90's vibes and channeling my inner Rachel/Monica. Now I just need to find the perfect white mom jeans so I can pair it with the top and denim jacket :B (Update - while they aren't mom jeans, I did get some white high rise button jeans from Madewell which I am low-key obsessed with and have already worn twice since I got them last week.)

I know I was trying to gear this one towards non-beauty faves, but I had to throw in just a *few*. First off being the new Overose Paris candle I got. Previously known as Indasmin, Ultraflora is the newest addition to my candle collection and mm mm mmmm is it good. It pools well, it makes your place smell good, and it's beautiful decor - what more could you ask for? On the topic of fragranced goods, I thought I'd go in with one of Commodity's newer fragrances, Nectar. I love orange blossom scents and this one is no different. It smells warm and floral-y and lingers nicely throughout the day. Sometimes I like to give an extra spritz of it in my room when I'm spraying it on so it freshens up the apartment (you know - living with a boy AND a dog). One of the more recent items I received but one I'm hoping to get more use out of is this Limited Edition Rose Handpicked hand cream from Jurlique.

I've been on a sunglasses binge as I'm trying not to just do the mundane routine of wearing the same thing over and over. I decided to pull out my Celine Frida sunglasses (post here) and I forgot how much I love them. They fit my face so well and never slide down when I look up or down. I'm definitely trying to alternate more through my sunglasses so I don't put too much wear and tear on the same pair over and over again.

What are some things you're loving for summer time? Any essentials? Do share!

Hope you guys all have a lovely 4th of July tomorrow! Idk about you guys but I'm moping about since it's smack in the middle of the week and we don't get a 3 or 4 day weekend. Stay cool in the heat! And hug your dogs so they don't get scared of fireworks!