July To-Do List

How are we more than halfway through the year?? Time is flying by. Our summer months are absolutely packed and while I know we have a few weekends open, they're quickly offset by many busy weekends. My boyfriend and I are super big introverts / homebodies and while we love our friends, we love being alone and home more. Being around others can be physically and mentally exhausting and the amount of "me-time" we both need afterwards is much needed. I know we're a little over a week into the month, but I still wanted to share my monthly to-do list.


1. Apartment Hunting.

Our lease is coming up in a few months and our apartment will definitely be asking us soon if we want to renew. Traffic is horrendous in the Bay Area so we're really trying to figure out a good middle ground that doesn't bankrupt us in the meantime. And since we have a dog, it does limit where we can go because some places aren't as dog friendly. We spent last weekend looking at apartments and while we think we have it narrowed down, not enough people have given notice at those apartments for them to have a good idea of their availability until early next month. We're number crunching to decide how much we want to spend so hopefully we'll get that sorted out soon.

2. D E C L U T T E R.

As mentioned above, we're going to be moving in a few months! I don't know how it happened (although I'm not surprised it happened), but we acquired a lot of stuff since we moved in last September. After looking at potential apartments, it was pretty clear that bathroom storage was going to be cut down by nearly 75% (yikes). Currently I have an entire cabinet of shelving to store products in and I may have gotten a little too comfortable and lax with trying things out. To try and ease the pain of moving, I'm going to be lining up a few giveaways and doing big rounds of decluttering. Last month's declutter went well and at my bday shindig, my friends cleared out a good chunk of stuff. (Thanks guys :B) In addition to just beauty related decluttering, I really need to get on the clothes/shoes/accessories decluttering. I didn't do so hot last month but this month I think I'll really need to stick to it cause we have too much stuff that is going unused. I'll probably also post up some stuff on my Poshmark so I'll share that once it's gone live!

3. Camping.

We're going camping with some of my high school friends and are taking Ollie (!!). It's our first time camping with him and we're planning to pick up a little tent just for us and Ollie (because I don't want to dirty up someone else's tent with all. his. hair). I've been doing a lot of research on how to prepare for camping with a dog, but if you have any tips please send 'em my way. Also, if you have any good camping food recipes - send them my way.

4. Keep up with the blogging.

Last month I got EIGHT posts up. I know this may not be a lot to others (especially those that daily blog), but I thought this was quite a record because I've been teetering at the 3ish mark per month since the beginning of the year. I've been feeling very much in a rut mixed with I'm overwhelmed with stuff and feeling a bit claustrophobic from all the stuff. I'm also on a mission to use up a lot of products because a lot of things are near the end! And in addition to decluttering, being able to finish products up before we move will just make me feel a lot better. I have an empties post I need to finish drafting because soon enough I'll have another empties post to write up. If you have any post suggestions, please send them my way cause they are more than welcome :)

5. Get my hair done.

I last got my hair done in mid-March which wasn't too long ago, but my hair grows pretty fast and I get pretty restless/bored with my hair. Although I layer my hair, I feel like it grows out at weird rates and always just looks like one blunt cut a few months later. I also wasn't suuuper happy with how my hair color turned out last time as it was a bit too blonde for me. I definitely wanted something more subtle-balayage rather than the majority blonde look I got. I'll probably tone my hair to be a bit darker and wait until my hair grows out a bit more to lighten up a few pieces. I always go in this cycle of wanting long hair then being frustrated and chopping it. Hopefully I stay at a middle ground cause I have quite a few weddings (currently 5, potentially 6) to attend coming up starting next month through October - and having long hair to style is much easier than short!

6. Plan. New. York.

Our trip to NY is going to come up SOON and I'm really stressing on planning that and where to stay. AirBnB prices are quite high that I almost think it's worth it to shell out a little bit more and stay in a hotel. A friend told us that the last time he went and stayed at an AirBnb, he was some roaches while he was in the bathroom and he's team hotel from now on. That was pretty much enough to sell me and I shot my bf a death look of terror that I will not stay in a place that could potentially have roaches. NO THANKS. I've been doing all my Yelp research on places to eat because it's basically going to be a food tour with some speakeasy hunting. If you have any favorite places / tips, please let me know! It'd be much appreciated.

7. Spoil Ollie.

LOL I mean it's basically spoiling him, but we want to get him a new harness since his old one is about a year old and looking pretty grim. We also want to get him professionally groomed since he has a lot of butt fluff (it looks like he's wearing a skirt when he shakes). His nails also get pretty long since he hates us cutting it and I noticed that he has a lot of fur growing between his paws that should probably be cut. I'll be researching places, but Ollie's gonna look gooood. Although we'll probably need to hold off on this until after we come back from camping because who wants to ruin all of that grooming in nature.

What are some items that you have on your to-do list this month?