5 Tips for New Bloggers

Starting out in the blogging community is nerve-wracking as it is. Add on the pressure of all the amazing content and creators there are in the world and it makes it even more nerve-wracking to put yourself out there. But honestly, you just need to start somewhere. Taking the courage to create something out in the world is a huge step, and seriously kudos to you for even doing just that. 

Blogging isn't always the easiest but here are a few things to note that will help you get your footing:

1. Disqus: Please, can everyone jump on the Disqus bandwagon? I know some people were rather baffled when they realized disqus was just a play on the actual world "discuss." It makes it so so easy for people to comment on your account (seeing as though they have an account) which means they are more likely to leave a comment. I can't tell you the amount of times when I want to leave a comment to let someone know how much I loved their post/photography or wanted to leave a quick note to come across an entire questionnaire to fill out with my name, site, email, etc. It also allows you to easily track comments / reply by email and even see where your favorite bloggers have recently left comments. (Tbh sometimes I stalk people who have left comments on mine to see what other blogs they've hit up!)

2. Bloglovin' | If you aren't already on Bloglovin', who are you even? LOL jk. For those of you who don't know, BL is a sort of Instagram for blogs. It puts all your favorite blogs that you subscribe to in a feed so you have easy access to read their latest posts. It also has explore pages sorted out by topic that allows you to find some top reads there. Be sure to follow me here

3. A new and fancy camera doesn't mean good photos | My photography game has changed immensely since I started blogging back in 2015. Granted I've always had a camera other than my phone, but I learned to work with what I had. I turned my passion and hobby into this little side hustle and use that as a reason to continue to grow my camera collection. I buy new gear because I want to find ways to create new shots, not because I think a new camera = better photos = more followers. Some of the best accounts out there solely (or mostly) use their iPhone cameras. Work on your photography and nailing down your angles and composition. Learn how to edit photos on free apps - tbh I do the bulk of my editing over on VSCO on my phone. 

4. Make blogging friends | I truly believe making friends with others within the community is an important step! Of course you may not be chummy with them and talk every single day, but following their IG accounts/blogs, learning more about their lives (hi, I'm obsessed with so many people's pets), and generally supporting them is a great way to start a mutual online friendship! I'm so happy that I've met people all around the world and the skincare community is pretty tight - don't f*ck with it. Going around and leaving genuine comments on others blogs to let them know you support them is a fair way to get that back in return too. It's all a step in building your space organically. Also - please respond to comments left on your blog. I know I go in waves of being good/bad, but I read every single one! I've been trying to be better lately and responding to comments lets your readers know you read/appreciate their comments as support is so so important! 

5. Patience is key | Nobody out there grew overnight! It takes time and consistency to see results. And trust me, seeing the fruits of your labor is one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone knows when someone is being shady about their tactics of growing, whether it be the "follow to unfollow" method, starting as a re-post account and then transitioning to your own account, or even buying followers. Just grow authentically and you'll feel much more proud with the results in the end! Also - please do not be that person that goes around asking for a "follow for follow." And if a person politely declines you, don't get so upset about it. If you like another blogger, support them, talk to them, and maybe you guys will become pals! Just keep your honor and integrity and be patient as you grow!

Now of course I don't claim to be a big blogger in any way nor do I think I am the best. But these are some key things that I usually look for when I come across a new blog to read / tell others when they're first getting into the blogging scene. What are some of your best tips for any new bloggers out there?