When Two Loves Collide // L'Occitane Meets Rifle Paper Co + Anna Bond

One of my earliest exposures of "high end" skincare brands had to be to L'Occitane. My mom would purchase these products when I was in high school and I still remember feeling super fancy when I used their hand creams. They were pricey then, and they're still pricey now. My mom's love for L'Occitane meant I got to try a lot of their products too. She'd often make the minimum purchase requirement for GWPs so I would almost always get those freebies. (And to this day I still get those from her hehe.) I've buckled down on the products I use from the brand, mostly reaching for their almond range as that is my absolute favorite. When I saw that the collaborated with Rifle Paper Co to put illustrations from Anna Bond on their product packaging, I knew I had to snag up a good number of products. 


There were definitely GWPs going on at the time with the RFC collaboration, so how could I resist stocking up on some of my favorite Almond range products? I previously had a mini of the Almond Hand & Hail Cream and loved how it didn't have shea butter, meaning it was perfect for using at work and while out and about. Although the original hand cream is great for night time use to really give some TLC to your hands, I really don't love having greasy hands when working because I handle a lot of paperwork and don't want to leave behind grubby little fingerprints. But working with a lot of paperwork does mean that I need to keep my hands moisturized at all times because dry hands = paper cuts galore (ouch). I picked up minis of the original hand cream for my mom so she could have a little piece of the collection (not photographed since I gave it to her already lol) and the rose hand cream.

While I was at it, I did pick up some extra almond pieces because I wanted to make the minimum order + I love all things almond from L'Occitane - it was an easy choice. I don't consider myself the most green person, but I do want to try where I can. I know one way to start with that is by using bar soaps more often. While I do sometimes think they're a little germ-infested, it's really just me and my boyfriend so it probably won't be terrible. I got two of the little Almond Delicious Soaps to use in our bathroom when our current hand wash runs out. These have little beads to help exfoliate either your hands or body - so I figure it'll be nice to use for either. Although if I use this for the sink, I'll need to get a little soap dish to put it in. I also picked up a mini of the Almond Exfoliating And Smoothing Delicious Paste. Since I love the almond range, it was very easy to pick this up. I've been eyeing the bigger jar and wanted something small that I could travel with - and this helped bump me over the edge for a GWP :) I've yet to try it, but I have high expectations for this. I'll keep you guys posted!

I know I mentioned not really using the original hand cream with shea butter, but I really just couldn't resist this cute packaging. It lasts a long time and a little goes a long way, so I knew the little splurge for this full size was worth it. Unfortunately not available on L'Occitane's site but you can still snag it up over at Sephora! And with it I got some GWPs (non-L'Occitane though), so I'm not mad about it. 

I was able to snag this little tin that says 'Made with Amour & Shea Butter' (no longer available) - and with it came some minis (including a mini of the hand cream). I have the little tin on my desk and although I don't really know what I want to put in it yet, I love having it on my desk cause it'll help keep little clutter off while looking super cute. Right now it's storing all my little receipts / notes that I get from brands.

I'm pretty much covered in hand creams for the next year (and beyond). I definitely need to gift away some other ones I have in my collection so I can really utilize these ones best. 
Were you able to resist this adorable collection? Or did you give in and pick anything up?