Sunscreens on Rotation V. 2

I did a post on the sunscreens I had on rotation last year here, and thought it was time I updated you guys with some of the newer products I've been trying. There's a hell of a lot of products - so buckle in! I have a feeling this one is going to be a long post.

Sunscreen is something I've never thought too much of and growing up, I was pretty terrible about using it. As I swam competitively in high school (and before that), my skin has definitely paid the price for that. I've mentioned it before - but I would get regular sunburns on my face and I think my skin is just permanently damaged from it lol. When I'm out in the sun and get warm, my face will get red and leave almost a goggle mark around my eyes of clear skin. Obviously this was the part of my skin protected by my goggles, and everything outside the perimeter was damaged immensely. I'm super on it with sunscreen now and give some serious side eye to any friend that says they don't wear sunscreen. Just because it isn't sunny outside, doesn't mean you don't need it! 


- Nature Republic Sun Block (California Aloe) SPF50 * | I love this stuff and if you follow me on Instagram, you'd see that I took this with me on my trip to Palm Springs a few weekends back. I love Asian sunscreens and this one is no different. There's something about the texture of them and how they sit on my skin that I love. I never struggle with a white cast from this and it has a nice light scent that fades away quickly - no typical sunscreen smell from this for sure. 

- Nature Republic California Aloe Ice Puff Sun SPF50 * | This stuff is quite a strange concept to me and I'm not really sure I trust this alone to be my SPF coverage for the day. I can imagine this one being great as a topper for summer mornings when it's hot. This one comes in an aerosol can and you give it a quick shake before pressing the lid to dispense product onto a little puff. You then apply the product in a patting motion to your face where a nice little cool effect soothes your skin. One thing I'm not all too fond of is the chemical scent that the aerosol can gives off - while it does fade within a matter of seconds, the initial hit of the scent is not so pleasant


- COOLA Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops SPF 30 * | I've seen COOLA around Sephora and ads for a while but hadn't had the opportunity to try it for myself until recently. This stuff is sort of a triple threat as it protects you against sun exposure, environmental toxins, and digital exposure. I have a lot of friends/coworkers who tell me they never wear sunscreen - partially because it's cloudy or they're just indoors at work. While I totally understand where they're coming from, I also don't because sunscreen literally takes 15 seconds but helps protect you as best as it can. I think I regularly started wearing sunscreen when I was in college because I wanted to start treating my skin/body better. I think the COOLA drops would be perfect for anyone who hates the typical sunblock smell or heavy feel. This stuff is so lightweight and spreads evenly over your skin while feeling hydrating even. I've been using this for a little over a week and I've come to love the dropper packaging as it has little mess and just feels fun to use. I know the brand suggests mixing this in with your moisturizer or makeup even but I don't mind the additional steps of layering. I also don't really know how I feel about mixing this as it may not spread as evenly over my skin. I've been debating on swimming again and want some products that are great for withstanding water + sun, and I definitely have my eye on the Classic Face Sport SPF50 to try - it has ingredients that help balance your skin with redness and adding moisture, so that sounds very tempting to me. I also saw that they have a BB cream product with SPF and I'm definitely intrigued. 

- Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 * | I've been eyeing this product for so long and I'm so excited to have it! Unfortunately I didn't realize it has silica so I am trying to be careful with it as I do tend to break out when I use products with silica/silicone. In general I feel like my skin holds up better without powders throughout the day as I always look/feel oilier at the end of the day if I've applied a powder. I do like the idea that this is easy to reapply throughout the day while also helping to mattify your skin. Although another issue I have with the packaging is that you can't really clean the brush and for re-applying throughout the day on dirty skin, it kinda gives me the chills of being unsanitary. 

- Supergoop! x MILLY Limited-Edition Defense Refresh Setting Mist * | I received this c/o Influenster and loooove the idea of a mist to refresh your SPF protection throughout the day. I know everyone says to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, but for anyone that wears makeup it isn't the most practical idea. Who wants to be removing their makeup only to reapply it every few hours? Not I, that's for sure. Supergoop has made that a non-issue with their mist and powder. I also got a mini (not sure where from or if it was a GWP), so I can take that around with me. I saw that a coworker of mine has one on her desk and spritzes it on before she takes a walk. I thought that was genius so I think I need to do the same. I did have a friend just tell me that her spritz broke which would be very inconvenient - hopefully mine doesn't break.


Speaking of SUPERGOOP!, they recently sent me their Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 *. While the concept of this is nice, it contains a tad too many ingredients that are known to irritate my skin (dimethicone, silica, and sulfate). While these ingredients aren't the best for me, I've heard that it makes a great makeup primer as it helps to smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of pores. While I like the idea of this sunscreen, I'm not risking my skin breaking out so I'll either be passing it on to a friend or including it in an upcoming giveaway! 

- Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50 * | I recently got this in a packaging from Urban Outfitters Beauty and I love the concept of it. This is a dry oil stick that gives a teeny boost of moisture while helping to protect your skin from the sun. It's perfect for rolling over your cheeks and collarbones for added glow, while giving protection to the areas that are most sensitive to the sun. Another thing I've heard it's great for is gliding over tattoos to help maintain their look while still allowing you to show them off! So for anyone with little wrist tattoos or tattoos in visible areas that get hit with sunlight, this is a nice quick fix that you can take with you on the go.  I like that this can easily be thrown into your bag when traveling as it doesn't count as a liquid either :)

Sunscreen is seriously the new "it" thing and I feel like I constantly have brands sending them to me. I'll try my best to keep you guys up to date on the ones I receive and be as honest as I can about whether or not I use them / pass them on! What are some sunscreens you've been reaching for lately?