Sunscreens On Rotation

It's summer and most posts are quickly being overtaken by sunscreens. I'll admit that I've only been wearing sunscreens regularly since the end of college. My mom has freckles and she's always been on me for being better about sun protection as she hated her freckles. I actually like freckles and think they're rather cute! I have a few along the tops of my cheeks but I noticed in my early 20s that they started popping up a lot more quickly. That's when I made the choice to start wearing sunscreen regularly, and the first one I went towards was the Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum. For the longest time I kept using that (we're talking years), and then I kind of got bored of it. A bunch of sunscreens have come into my possession in recent months and I thought I'd do a quick rundown for anyone on the fence.

I think I went all of last Fall/Winter without really wearing a designated sunscreen and just got away with moisturizers that contained SPF. My favorite moisturizer with SPF option was the pur~lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. This one has the faintest sunscreen scent and doesn't have that overly oily feel when you apply it to your skin. It is on the slightly heavier side so I tend to reach for this more on weekends / days where I'm not wearing much makeup. At the beginning of Spring I started using the MISSHA Essence Sun Safe Block (SPF 45) as many of the girls over on Instagram were recommending it. (I took this one on my trip to Asia - read all about the products I brought with me here.) When I was in Korea, they had a BOGO free deal so I ended up snagging a backup and one to give away - keep reading to see how you can win one! (Unfortunately the new packaging is not a pretty pink, but solid white.)

Then came in the Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen+ *. This one was kind of a game changer because they made it so blatantly obvious that we need sunscreen every. single. day. Whether you're going outside or not. There are harmful rays that come from your computer screen and if your job requires you to sit in front of one for 8 hours a day (which is pretty much everyone), then you best be protecting yourself and your skin. For a more in-depth post on Invisible Shield, head to my post here. I like this one a lot and it's actually grown on me. It's a light formula which feels great on the skin in the morning. This has a thin layer so it's easy to layer over your moisturizer of choice - and I'm sure I'll be reaching for this year round. I know everyone's a bit iffy on the price of it, but the smallest amount of product works for me (I usually use 2.5 pumps and spread it evenly over my face). I've been using this regularly over the last (almost) 3 months and I still have yet to use it up. I have a backup ready to go the day this kicks the bucket. Be sure to snag yours through my rep link here. * Keep reading below to see how you can win your own Invisible Shield! 

The last one on my list is the IPKN Big Apple Sun Cream with SPF50*. As you can imagine, this one smells like apples! I don't know about you guys, but apple is one of my favorite scents. Bath & Body Works Country Apple was my absolute jam - body wash, body mist, body lotion - you name it. (Yes - I was minorly devastated when they discontinued it but when they re-release it I'm always tempted to get a mini bottle of something.) I'm not sure if you can see in the swatch photo, but this has the ever so slightest hint of green. This easily blends into your skin and doesn't leave a green tinge, but it helps to balance out the slightest bit of red in your skin. It's oil free so it doesn't leave a greasy look to your skin. It just leaves a nice and subtle moisturized glow to your skin.

There are a tonnn more SPF products in my massive collection but I thought I'd just start with the four I've been rotating through the most. What are some of your favorite SPF products? 

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* Products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration, but all opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.