Glossier Wowder | First Impressions + Discount

So unless you've been hiding under a rock, you probably figured it out/heard by now that Wowder belongs to Glossier! Let's join on in in welcoming the newest beauty product to the ever-growing Glossier fam. As a Glossier Rep I was fortunate to get Wowder* a little bit ahead of time and test it out over the last few days. Keep on reading for my first-impression thoughts and a bit more on pricing below.

Glossier Makeup, Wowder Powder Brush Duo, Glossier Rep Discount Code
Glossier Makeup, Wowder Powder Brush Duo, Glossier Rep Discount Code

As expected, Wowder comes housed in a container with a cap in your classic Glossier millenial pink. It's a bit more out there than their typical products, but still looks just as fab on your top shelf along with your other beauty products. It very much reminds of the Priming Moisturizer Rich packaging but flatter. Glossier also came out with a brush made to go with Wowder. I'd describe the brush as flat and wide - it's perfect for dusting just under the eyes (as demonstrated in my half-face photo), down your nose / T-Zone, or all over your face for an extra bit of coverage. Wowder claims not to be like your typical translucent powder. There are three sheer, adaptable shades - light/medium, dark/deep, & rich. I personally have the shade light/medium and it's nearly undetectable on my skin. (If you're unsure on ordering, go with the shade you usually order skin tint + concealer in.) This could be good and bad as I know some people get powders with the intention of using them as a powder and also for baking (lookin' at you Laura Mercier), and I'm not sure you could do that with this powder. I suppose you could get the light shade to bake if your skin tone is darker, but for the pale gals (such as myself), I'm not entirely sure that would work. Then again, I usually go for Glossier products when I'm going for that less is more / natural makeup look. Second, it has diamond powder to add dimension and give that "real-skin finish" - no need to worry about looking cakey, overly matte, or dull and flat skin. Third, it has an airy and weightless formula to absorb oil and blend seamlessly into the skin. I do agree with this as some powders are very obvious, but this one just looks like second skin - just smoother. Combined with Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer, Wowder* is the cherry on top to make a solid trio for everyday use. It allows your natural skin to shine through while evening out skin tone and reducing redness. And last it has a trampoline mesh which allows for mess free packaging (see photo below). I know many out there can agree products with loose powder can be an absolute nightmare when the product spills all over the place / into the top area/lid of the product. It could be all bad if you keep all your products in a makeup bag and that doesn't always sit upright. The mesh packaging very much reminds me of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder Foundation, but I find it actually keeps the product in well when I flip it upside down. I can't vouch for how well the mesh will last over time as it may stretch out and allow for more product to spill into the lid when upside down.

INGREDIENTS: Mica, Silica, Boron Nitride, Kaoli, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Diamond Powder, Chlorphenesin, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dimethicone. 

Size | 0.25 oz / 7.2 g

Shelf Life | 12 Months

Cruelty Free & Made in Canada


  • Wowder is listed at $22 USD / $27 CAD.

  • The Wowder Brush is listed at $20 USD / $25 CAD.

  • You can get the Wowder Duo PDP (Wowder + Wowder Brush) for $35USD / $45 CAD. For a total savings of $7 when you snag both! Plus, the duo qualifies you for free shipping as it counts as 2+ items (win win!).

I'm a bit torn on Wowder as it does contain silica, an oxide of silicon - and as someone who does not fare well with silicone primers I was a bit hesitant to use Wowder. My main area of concern using silica is definitely my cheek region. Anytime I use a primer with silicone I'm sure to break out (ex: Benefit Pore-Fessional & MakeUpForEver Mattifying Primer). No can do. The first day that I tested this out I applied it to my entire face, cheeks included (I had to try and I figured it was going on top of my makeup anyways). But unfortunately when I took my makeup off that night my skin was a little red and blotchy - my boyfriend also confirmed it as I thought maybe it was a figment of my imagination. I thoroughly washed my face (thank you Milky Jelly Cleanser) and applied some Super Pure to keep any redness/irritation at bay - luckily it worked. The second day I wore it I decided to let my cheeks be dewy and free and just powdered my T-Zone and chin areas - so far so good. The product itself is lovely, light on the skin, and looks beautiful overall - but I thought I'd just mention the silicone factor in case that was something any of you had issues with too. 

Wear time - I'm not typically one to get oily skin but during the warmer months I'm definitely more prone to it. Particularly in the forehead area. I wore Wowder for about 10~ hours and noticed by the end that my forehead was a bit oily. Now this could obviously be solved by touching up during the day or using blotting sheets - but I thought I'd just throw that out there for any low maintenance people. // FYI I applied my Cloud Paint / Haloscope both before and after applying the powder and honestly either way works. I'd say that applying Wowder beforehand helps keep your brush from getting grimey and it allows the areas you don't want to be as shiny to be toned down, while Cloud Paint + Haloscope can shine on through in all their dewy goodness. And if you're not up for that, you can just powder right on top of them.

Glossier Makeup, Wowder Powder Brush Duo, Glossier Rep Discount Code
Glossier Makeup, Wowder Powder Brush, Glossier Rep Discount Code

Of course Glossier had to go and make one of the most adorable brushes ever - the Wowder Brush which was designed with the Wowder in mind. It has soft but dense bristles to pick up the perfect amount of product. The Wowder Brush is listed at $20USD/$25CAD which isn't completely ridiculous for a brush (ahem, Artis brushes). It's a sort of metallic baby pink and of course boasts the Glossier 'G' at the end of the brush. One downside I will note is that due to the light color it will get dirty as the Wowder product is slightly tinted. It could also be seen as an upside as you're able to see how much product you're picking up on your brush! The brush head size is the perfect size to dip into the mesh portion of the product. In true Glossier fashion, they've provided a mini pink pouch (with a sort of fishnet pattern) to store the brush in. This makes it so so easy to take both the Wowder + Brush with you on the go (solving my issue above of getting shiny by the end of the day ^).

There you have it - a quick first impressions and delve into Wowder. I'm still working with the product and forming my opinions on the product - I'll be sure to update this post if I find anything new about the product / or if I experience anything else with it.


But in all honesty, just how cute does it look amongst all the other Glossier products??? Will you be trying Wowder? Let me know your thoughts!


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* I received Wowder + Wowder Brush as part of the Glossier Rep Program and for testing purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Feel free to read more in my disclaimer here.