Nourish Beauty Box | Cruelty Free Subscription Service

I know a lot of people are looking into cruelty free / organic / vegan beauty, and sometimes products can be tough to find. With all the subscription boxes out there, it was bound to happen and that's where Nourish Beauty Box comes into play. They were kind enough to reach out to me and offer me the April box to try. I like the fact that they include full size products, that means you can try and product and genuinely use it rather than sample it and have to go out and buy it on your own. Let's get on with the products!

In my box I received 2 full size skincare products and 2 full size beauty products. One from a brand I've actually been wanting to try, and another from a brand that was completely new to me. Which is the best part about subscription boxes - discovering new brands.

On the skincare front was this gorgeous Hydrating Oil from Alma Botanicals - I basically squealed when I saw it because I have been eyeing up products from Alma Botanicals on Instagram for a long while - their packaging is simple and their products are good. I'm excited to use this as the weather warms up and I gotta show my winter legs back to the world. I've been using this for the past week on my arms and legs - both alone and mixed in with some of my typical body moisturizer. This isn't scented (or overly scented) and is great for both day and night use. If you're looking to try a new body oil to substitute into your routine, this one is a solid choice. (Also, how simple and minimalistic is the packaging?? Dreamy.) 

I also received this 'A New Beginning' pumpkin pre-cleanse cream from Peony Cosmetics. It's meant to be used as a makeup remover and to help nourish your lashes and hydrate your eye area. It definitely sounds superb! The concept of it is intriguing to me and I've only tried it a few times so far. It's pumpkin scented and the first thing that shot to my mind is Thanksgiving time - which just happens to be one of my favoritest times of the year. If you're sensitive to scents, I would steer clear of it. I did try using this as a makeup remover but it actually ended up stinging my eyes, so I didn't think it was the best option. Then again I do wear heavy waterproof eyeliner/mascara so it does take extra scrubbing to get them off. I started using a makeup remover in conjunction with this and will keep you guys posted on any difference that I see in my lashes / surrounding eye area. 

On the beauty front I received this *seriously* gorgeous Chia + Camellia Eyeshadow Palette from Seraphine Botanicals. You guys know I don't really wear eyeshadow all that often so for the past few years I oooh and ahhh over every gorgeous palette that comes out. This palette definitely curved that itch to pick up some new shadows and seriously, just look at the shades of this - major heart eyes. Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty brought up a good point that this is similar to the Tarte palettes > such a good point! The shadows are buttery and pigmented and actually leave color rather than ones that look super washed out once applied. But these ones don't have the best long-lasting power, but that's easily fixed by using a primer ahead of time. If you follow me on IG you'd know that I've been contemplating eyelash extensions for a while. If I do end up getting them, I'll probably be dabbling with a bit more eyeshadow as I'll be going sans eyeliner and mascara for a while. Btw Seraphine Botanicals sent me a few products to test out and I've been using them for a few weeks now - I am thoroughly impressed!! Definitely check their brand out because they have so many lovely products. Btw the Carrot + Rose hand cream smells incredible! It currently lives on my desk at home to use any time my hands feel dry (which is all the time).

Last up is a nail polish in the shade Follow Your Bliss. And although I'm not a fan of this particular shade, I'm all for greener (not literally) nail polish. This one is water based and better for you and your nails. I'm slowly trying to weed out my nail polish collection to be full of products that are more toxin free - although it pains me to slowly see my Essie/OPI polishes get removed, it was bound to happen anyways. There's one brand of polishes that is slowly infiltrating my nail polish stash, so stay tuned cause a post will come soon!

The Nourish Beauty Box ships free worldwide. Yes - you heard that right. Free. World. Wide. So no matter where you are, you can get your hands on these products. This is slightly higher than your average subscription box, coming in at $34.95 a month. But keep in mind that green products tend to be marked on the higher end, you're getting free shipping, and you're supporting brands that are trying to make beauty better and safer for you and our world. If you decide you want to commit to a few months of this subscription, you do save a small portion based on the increments you order for (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).

What are your thoughts on these products? Have you tried any of them before or anything from the brands? If not, do you think you'll be giving them a try?

*I was gifted this set but I am not being paid for this post. All thoughts are my own!