Glossier Cloud Paint | Review + Swatches

So the beauty community is buzzing again and that's because Glossier has launched yet another new beauty product - the Cloud Paint. These are gel-cream blushes with a touch of collagen to plump and moisturize your skin while giving a natural hint (or pop) of color!

There are currently four shades which are inspired by NYC sunsets - Haze, Beam, Puff, Dusk. I know everyone loves sunrises/sunsets, but seeing beautiful sunsets are one of my favorite things about commuting home after a long day at work. I absolutely love that these products are inspired by NY sunsets as they're just full of the most beautiful shades. And in typical Glossier fashion, the products are great for your skin and give that natural no-makeup makeup look. 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've always been very weary of cream/liquid products, particularly blushes. Perhaps it was Benefit's Benetint, but I remember that being (slightly) disastrous the first time I tried it.The product dried oddly and left a patchy/streaky swipe on my cheeks - not cute. In short - I never reached for it again. Since then I've been a bit hesitant to try cream products in general, especially blushes. With many other cream products you have to work so quickly before they dry down. But as I've mentioned multiple times, Glossier just can do no wrong in my eyes. I don't say that just because I'm a brand rep, but because I genuinely like all the products that I've tried from them - both skincare and beauty. So when they released the Cloud Paint blushes, I was so stoked to give them a try. As part of the Glossier Rep Program, I was given these four Cloud Paint blushes* to test before they were released.

So again there are four shades in the Cloud Paint range, all absolutely lovely in their own way. Let's work our way through a little run down of the shades:

H A Z E | A beautiful jam-berry shade which adds a definite flush of color to your cheeks. This is definitely one that I was most scared to use as it is a very deep color. I ended up squeezing the product out in the tube and then dabbing my finger on the top of the tube and dabbing the tiniest amount onto my cheeks. These blended out to a nice deeper and berry type blush - I'm a bit on the fair side right now so I assume this will look great once I have a better tan. Mostly because I don't like my blushes to be too overpowering.

P U F F | A lovely blush/candy pink. This adds a nice little flush of healthy color to your cheeks - I usually like to add a minimal amount to the apples of my cheeks.

D U S K | A pink brown which is my. type. of. shade. I basically died when I saw this and it is a clear runner as my favorite shade of the bunch. I love the pinky-brown blush shades, with Tarte Exposed and NARS Douceur being some of my all-time fav shades. And I'm glad to have this one join the fam. I know it pulls pretty brown/muddy in the swatches but it gives such a natural flush of color. 

B E A M | An orange-coral shade which adds a nice subtle glow. I personally am not a big fan of coral shades unless I have a bit more skin in my color - so I think this is another one that'll be perfect to wear in the Spring/Summer once I have a bit more of a tan. I have tried wearing this on its own and then also wearing a little bit of it with Puff to help neutralize the color - both absolutely gorgeous.

The wonderful thing about these Cloud Paints is that it does. not. budge. I did a swatch on my IG story and it stayed put so well. You can apply this in the morning and it will still be there at the end of the day - damn well impressive if I do say so myself.

I know the shades look very pigmented but they are actually very natural once blended into your skin. Of course I swatched these heavier on my arm than I would apply on my face, mostly so you could get a true idea of what the shade pigmentation looked like. But in all actuality, you only need one tiny dot of product patted in a few dots and blended into your cheeks for a subtle hint of color.

The best thing about these products is that you can layer them with one another. I've tried mixing Dusk + Puff, Dusk + Beam, and Puff + Beam > > > all absolutely gorgeous. These also layer well over the Glossier Haloscopes - I would recommend putting the Cloud Paint over the Haloscope just to avoid getting any product onto the Haloscope stick itself. 

Since I received these I've been wearing the Glossier Skin Tint mixed with a bit of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for a glowy base, and a bit of Stretch Concealer where needed. I'll pat a little bit of Laura Mercier setting powder onto my T-Zone area to keep shine at bay throughout the day, but this gives a dewy finish. And adding the extra touch of the Haloscope (my favorite is Moonstone) and a Cloud Paint (or two) is the perfect touch. And of course I'll always finish up my look with some Boy Brow brushed through my brows for that feathery finish.

(In the arm swatch below it's L-R: Beam, Dusk, Puff, Haze)

The Cloud Paints are each selling for $18 each! Or you can snag 2 for $30. These products have .33 fl oz of product and come in a paint tube -like packaging. Although the products may look small, the tiniest amount of product goes a long way so this is bound to last for a good long while - and with a shelf life of 18 months it sure will! I like that unlike some other cream blushes on the market it has this packaging as I feel a bit deterred by products that are completely exposed to the air (and potential bacteria). 

Grab yours through my rep link > > ! If it's your first purchase you can get 10% off your entire purchase, but even if you're a returning customer you can shop through my link! | Small disclaimer - I am a brand rep and do make a small commission when individuals use my link. It's not much, but every little bit helps me and helps keep this space thriving! Read more about my disclaimer here. Feel free to read through some of my previous Glossier posts for a little background on some of my favorite products! Glossier Brand Focus & Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich