Spring Clean Your Makeup Storage

I looove seeing other people's makeup storage so I thought I'd give a little peek into mine. I did a deep clean of my drawer setup a little while back and thought it'd be a good time to share it with you guys! We're entering a new season and at the start of every season I like to do a little cleanse of my stash and mix things up. I'm really pleased with my current makeup setup and the products I have on rotation are doing me so well and I'm sure will keep me occupied for a good while. (I've accumulated a few products over the past few months that are awaiting their trial period - I've cleared out a whole drawer for new products and I'll probably share that on an IG story sometime this weekend! Follow along if you aren't already at @chyism )


With cleaning anything, it's always ideal to take everything out of it's place and give the entire space a nice deep clean. I removed all the items from my drawers, separated them into their various categories, and gave all my drawers and products a nice deep clean. I took some Clorox wipes and gave everything a good wipe down and let all my drawers stay out individually to dry before putting items back in. I evaluated everything in their piles and took this as a time to look at the products I'd accumulated in my drawers to see if I had actually given them a good use. For the most part I did well and reached for a good number of the items. I've always said that the best way to use products is to put things out in plain view so you're reminded to use it. If you've had it out and haven't reached for it, you know it's time to give it a little toss or pass it on to a friend who will get better use out of it. It's also a good time to give things a sniff and make sure everything is still how it should be. Cleaning out unloved products and adding in some fun new items or old favorites is the best way to refresh your makeup setup and top shelves. It'll bring a little bit of excitement back to getting ready every day and make you love the space all the more.


In addition to mixing up the products in your top shelves, sometimes the best way to mix up your beauty space without adding a new (expensive) beauty product is adding little accessories. I picked up a glass tumbler from Target for $1 and oh my goodness does it make my makeup setup look beautiful - my brushes now have a lovely little home! I had previously used an old Campbell's mug that I found at a flea market, but it just started to feel a bit meh. I like clean and simple things so the colorful mug just felt a bit too busy > I'm going to use it and repurpose some succulents in. This little holder pretty much ticks off my "Diptyque" lusting jar wants, and I like how simple (and cheap) it was. I feel like the pressure is off to finish up my large Diptyque Figuier candle - although when that finishes up it'll be b-e-a-utiful amongst all my beauty goods. 

I also have a ton of little trinket trays which are perfect for throwing rings, perfume samples, and teeny tiny products on. I recently added the Glossier Cloud Paint gel-cream blushes to my collection and I like to keep those on one of my little hexagon trays. If you're curious about these blushes, check out my previous post here. And you can always shop the Cloud Paint blushes through my rep page here


Ok this is something I like to do weekly (or bi-weekly)! I know that cleaning brushes can be a pain, but when you do this more regularly your life is just so much easier. Your makeup applies a lot better, your makeup space is cleaner and tidier, and your skin will be so thankful for it. When I was younger I recall buying 2-3 of the same brush so I could rotate through them before having to actually clean them. Older me looks book and somewhat agrees with the logic, but at the same time I think it's better to have 1 brush and use clean it regularly rather than hoard dirty brushes. I also use wayyy more brushes now so that idea just makes my wallet hurt.

To be honest, the Beauty Cleanser Solid has changed my brush cleaning game. If you've been a long time reader you know that I swear by it! One little block can last me a good long while as a little bit goes a long way. I just need to wet my brush and give it a quick swirl in the solid block to get it nice and sudded up. I'll honestly just swirl my brushes in the palm of my hand and use my fingers to give the brush a quick little massage. I'll rinse my brushes out (with the brush hairs facing down) and prop the brushes on a towel to dry. If you've ever had issues with products (foundation/blush/bronzer) staining your brushes, fear not because all will be forgiven with this cleanser. I'll usually bring my phone with me to the bathroom and watch a quick YouTube video while I do this little chore - NBD. I typically like to do this on Sunday mornings after I apply my makeup so that I can have nice clean brushes to start my week on Mondays.


We're in month three and I still haven't sat down to do this but I think I may work on one this weekend and start a week into the month. But I want to build a sort of capsule makeup collection that I can rotate through each month. I only have 25ish boxes to use in my BuJo (bullet journal) so I'll need to be selective with the items I choose - from face, to eyes, to lips. I'm definitely throwing in my "Project Empties" picks into the mix in an effort to use products up. Hopefully I'll get this rolling so I can finally get around to making a beauty blogger BuJo edit that I've been planning for a while now!

What are some ways that you like to update and "spring clean" your daily makeup stash and top shelf?

Let's Chat - - - I've officially entered my busy month at work and will likely be working 10+ hours day - getting into the office by 7AM and staying 'til hours after the sun is gone. It's far from a glamorous life. But on the bright side I have a lot of fun ideas coming up and a lot of fun events popping up this year. I'm excited to mix up this space a little bit so get excited for some new content!

PS - I'll be headed to South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto), and Hong Kong towards the end of May. If you have any suggestions or have visited yourself and did a travel/photo guide of some sort, please share so I can take a peek and get some inspo for my travel planning!