The Latest Charlotte Tilbury Addition

You could guess from the title that I'm talking about a new addition to my ever-growing collection of Charlotte Tilbury products. I actually haven't made any additions to my collection since I last wrote a roundup post (here), so a little pat on my back for being good in that sense. But when the latest release dropped, I had very little self control. Now it's a bold statement but I will say that the CT Matte Revolution lipsticks are one of my favorite lipstick formulas out there. They're matte but they are in no way drying or uncomfortable on the lips. They are extremely pigmented and swipe on with little effort, making it a great everyday lip option. So when I found out that CT was bringing out a new matte revolution lipstick in the ever popular Pillow Talk shade, I lost all self control and swiped one up. (They also said it was Limited how do you say no?)

Now I will admit that like many lipstick brands, certain shades can be harder to apply. In this case, Glastonberry definitely comes to mind. It's a gorgeous plummy berry but can apply patchy if your lips are in rather rough condition. But Very Victoria and Bond Girl are two of my all time holy grail lipsticks - these literally go with me everywhere cause a girl needs options (amiright?). I was pretty excited to add a new lipstick to my collection but I was nervous about not swatching it ahead of time in person.

I will admit that Pillow Talk is a bit more pink that I'm used to, but in no way does it mean it's not a gorgeous color. I'm thinking it'll be more perfect around Summer time when I have a bit more color in my skin. As you can see below, Pillow Talk is a bit more pink, and if you're looking something more brown Very Victoria may be your best bet.

L - R | Bond Girl, Very Victoria, Pillow Talk, Glastonberry

L - R | Bond Girl, Very Victoria, Pillow Talk, Glastonberry

Did you give in to the hype and pick this lipstick up? Have you tried the Matte Revolution lipsticks? If so, what are your favorite shades? Let's chat below!