Falling For Burberry Beauty

Now I've tried a few Burberry Beauty products over the years, but this is clearly a brand that I'm falling quickly for. In the past I've tried a two things from the brand: the Eye Shadow in Pale Barley and Fresh Glow - Luminous Fluid Base Nude Radiance No. 01 (a sample) . While the eye shadow is a clear winner in my books (AKA the only one I would keep if I had to get rid of all but one), the primer is a good 'un but also one I can't muster up the funds to shell out on. However, I received another sample of it (WOO!) so I'll be whipping that out once Spring comes around.

I was so incredibly fortunate to receive the Burberry VoxBox from Influenster recently and I was blown away by the products I received. I received two of the Liquid Lip Velvets in the shades Fawn No. 05* (Nude Rosy Brown) & Bright Plum No. 49* (Intense Plum). These have that whipped texture and feel so luxe and comfortable on the lips. I haven't worn Bright Plum for a night out yet but I've worn Fawn a few times now and it wears so so well throughout the day - with reapplication needed after a meal (per usual). I am completely blown away by these lip velvets and I think I need to add Dark Rosewood No. 17 (Intense Rosewood) & Oxblood No. 53 (Deep Burgundy) into my collection - I already feel my wallet crying. Now these are very similar in texture to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams - and at a vastly different price range, these would be a great dupe if the Burberry offering makes your eyes water a bit. However, if you're up for that luxe addition, the Burberry one is incredibly worth that. The packaging is hefty and sturdy and not at all cheap, and you get that intense swipe of pigmentation in just one go. I also find that it lasts much longer on the lips than the NYX offering - although I only have one shade to reference (Stockholm). 

In addition, I was fortunate to receive the Lip Definer Lip Shaping Pencil in Bright Plum No. 07*. I for one am ecstatic to have received this color because it pairs beautifully under one of my favorite types of shades to wear as a dark vampy lip. It pairs beautifully with lipsticks I already have in my collection such as NARS Damned, Smashbox Girl Gang, TopShop The Damned, and an array of tinted balms (Fresh Beauty Plum / Berry and Glossier Jam). This one is extremely pigmented and creamy and swipes onto your lips with ease without any tugging - I'm sure this one would be perfect to wear all on it's own. The price is hefty but it does come with a nice little sharpener which is perfect for taking on travel! 

Last up is one that I was over the moon to receive as it was rather unexpected - the Fresh Glow - Highlighting Luminous Pen*. As a highlighting fiend, I was so excited to give this one a go! As I mentioned earlier, I loved the Fresh Glow - Luminous Fluid Base Nude Radiance No. 01 because it added such a lovely subtle glow to my complexion. I knew this highlighting pen would do similarly and I was not disappointed. In my swatch above, although faint, you can see how subtle and natural of a sheen and glow it adds. It's perfect for everyday wear without being over the top - it highly reminds me of Glossier Haloscope. This one pairs perfectly on the inner corner of the eyes as well as the cupid's bow to give that extra touch of fullness to your lips. And of course, you could easily dab this on the tops of your cheeks and nose for some added glow.

Have you given any Burberry Beauty products a try? If so, what are some of your favorites? And will you be giving any of these lip products a try?

* Disclaimer: I received all items marked with an asterisk* complimentary from Influencer for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.
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