Winter Candle Lineup

These days I’m much better about using up candles - mostly due to the fact that both my boyfriend and I are candle burning pyros. This allows me to rotate through many more candles and allows me to buy more candles 😏 With that, there are quite some bit of candles that are new in my lineup that I’ve picked up lately and plan on burning this Winter season! 


- PF Candle Co Amber and Moss (large) | I say it all the time but this candle smells like a sexy man haha. I’ve used the regular size and love it. Soy candles are nice because they burn clean and don’t turn everything around it black. Nor does it leave a black cloud on your wall / ceiling. My bf loves this scent too so we happily burn this larger size in our apartment. I'm tempted to pick up some other scents and will probably do so once the warmer season comes around. But this is definitely a candle I'll be repurchasing!

- Hearth & Hand Teakwood Currant | I am such a fan of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines are my fav HGTV couple ever - the dream would be to have them design and build my future home (wouldn’t everyone want that??). When I found out the Gaines' were releasing a line at Target, the crazy inside me wanted to get so many of their products. (I mean look at their dish ware and little accessories!) But since I'm in a small space, I knew it wouldn’t be practical so I just snagged this candle. It smells so festive and I can’t wait to start burning it - I picked it up mid-November and didn't feel like it was "time." But now that we're well into December and our Christmas tree is up, it's definitely the right time! And you can bet that we'll be burning through this at our holiday party in a few weekends.

- Byredo Burning Rose | This is the signature candle that burns at the Glossier showroom so of course I had to get it. It’s a musky but sweet scent and I love how it fills a room  the wax takes a lonnng time to burn so getting that entire layer down takes time so I’ve reserved this for cozy weekends in. I’m about 1/3 of the way through with this and I’m def gonna be sad when this one is gone!

- Byredo Bibliotheque | One of my favorite places to be has to be a library. I don’t necessarily love reading but I always enjoyed going to the library in college to study. This one just feels feels cozy and I’m excited to start burning this one. I think I may take this one for a whirl this weekend.

- Overose Anthurium | When I saw the holographic Overose candles come out I knew it was time to splurge and try the brand out. I was slightly disappointed that this one was just a sticker, but it’ll still make a beautiful vase. This one smells like Diptyque Baies on steroids and I love how it’s filling up my room even though it hasn’t been lit yet. I’m smitten with the regular pink packaging and can’t wait to pick up more candles! I have Indasmin as well but I think that one will be perfect to burn come Spring time. I know Overose candles can be difficult to get a hold of sometimes but if you're in the Bay Area, head to Anomie and support a local small business up in SF! Most of their Overose candles are in stock so you're likely to snag em up there!

- Diptyque Minis | Ambre, Santal, Tuberose

If you follow me on IG you may have seen my poor burned/melted Roses candle label. I’ve had their mini candles before and have burned them with no issue  you guys know I’m a stickler for monitoring my candle burning process and cleaning them out (post here) so I always trim my wicks and make sure the entire top layer burns before I ever blow it out. I had burned my mini Roses candle for maybe an hour and was writing away on posts when I noticed something burning. I was looking around trying to figure out what it was and realized it was the label. melting. off.  W H Y. I posted to IG and found out a lot of other people had a similar experience so that was disappointing - especially at the high price point of these candles. I sadly put it away and went to start a new candle - Tuberose. Upon burning I noticed that the side of the label was starting to peel up too. I was pretty upset as I had bought the gift set from Nordstrom during the Friends and Family Sale a few months back. I checked my other candles and saw that everything was good and decided to try my luck and bring the candles to Nordstrom to see if they could help a girl out. Luckily it was the normal SA who is so sweet and she was shocked to see the candles in their condition and said in her 20 years of working with Diptyque she had never seen such things. She wasn’t sure how to exchange them as she didn’t have minis of either scents I had so she let me take 2 from the display of their current set - which leaves me with Amber and Santal. She also told me to keep Tuberose and gently glue the label back down. (Bad blogger because I didn’t save my burned mini Roses candle - but it looked something like this.)

- IKEA candles | I have a few IKEA candles that I like to burn in the background for ambiance. Especially this time of year - the more candles burning the better. I have a pretty sensitive nose so I don’t love burning multiple fragrances candles at once - especially since we have such a small space. Burning one scented and a few unscented ones gives me that ambiance I want without making my eyes tear up. 

I know a lot of people love Bath & Body Works candles this time of year but I always find them to be a bit too strong scented. They’re also massive so I probably wouldn’t be able to burn it all without having to use it all the way through Spring. Personally, I think I still have the White Company Winter candle on my list 5ever - all the UK bloggers talk about this one and the notes in it sound incredible.

I'm always looking for new candle brands so please be sure to let me know which brands are your favorites!

What are some of your favorite candles to burn this time of year? 

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