Repurposing Candle Jars + How to Clean Them

When you enjoy the finer things in life (aka bougie AF candles), you want to keep them beyond their burning purposes. Idk about you guys, but I buy candles with the sole intention of using the jar afterwards. So whether they're expensive or inexpensive candles, the jar better look good cause I want to use it once it's candle burning purpose is over.  

My favorite is pairing Diptyque with my many Glossier products. Having a ton of mini candle jars lets me separate and organize each makeup type by category: I have some brow products in one, cloud paints in another, eye pencils/mascaras in another, and makeup brushes in my last. *swoooon*

Diptyque candles are probably the crowd favorite of repurposed jars - and for good reason. Just look at them *swoon.* I had the mini and extra mini sized Diptyque candles and finally shelled out to get myself a standard size in my beloved Figuier scent. I *finally* finished burning it after almost 9(ish) months and was ready to repurpose it. Last week I surprisingly finished 3 candles - a record for me as it usually takes me ages to finish them up. I was on a mission to finish them up before I started any new ones - and I succeeded. *Pat on the back for me.* I posted on IG stories that I had repurposed my jars and sooo many people messaged me asking how I did it so I thought I'd do a post to share with you all my tips! *But remember, what works for me may not work for you.* 

Now as much as I'm good about candle maintenance, sometimes candles just have a mind of their own. Trimming your wick down to 1/4" can help reduce black smoke (both in the room and from damaging nearby walls and the candle jars themselves). But sometimes that doesn't work out so well - but a quick clean after the candle finishes up can do wonders! I'm usually a stickler when it comes to burning candles and always watch them closely - and not just cause they're a fire hazard. I want to make sure my candles burn nice and evenly, that helps the most when going in to repurpose your jars! The key here is making sure the first time you burn a candle that the entire top layer is melted. That way you can avoid that dreaded candle tunnel!  

When you get to the end of your candle lifespan is when you should watch it the closest. The second the wick goes out because it's too short or there isn't enough wax left, that's when I like to go in on clean up duty. I'll usually dump out any remaining melted wax into the trash (if there is any). I'll usually pick off the wick base with a tweezer or cuticle pusher - whichever one I have on hand. I'll then quickly wipe down any remaining wax/residue with a paper towel - I find that wiping away leftover wax is easiest when it's still melted and it just saves a headache later on. Trust.

Once the jar cools down a bit I'll go in with a cotton ball soaked in acetone or nail polish remover. I'm sure rubbing alcohol would work just fine, but I have a giant bottle of acetone that I got to remove gel nail polish that I just want to use up first. In under a minute you'll have a spanking new jar that's ready to be used for whatever your heart desires! If you'd like, you can go in and wash it with dish soap and water to be on the cleaner side. 

I know some people like to freeze their remaining wax and break off any remaining residue. They'll also pour hot water in to melt whatever wax remains, but PLEASE be careful doing this on a jar fresh out of the freezer. Putting a glass jar that's straight out of the freezer and putting hot hot water is just a recipe for disaster. I've seen so many broken jars out there on IG (which seriously pains everyone). Just remember it's glass and its fragile! 

I have a few Kavaldon candles that I picked up recently and I'm excited to burn them! I'm currently burning Harper and it's such a good dupe for Figuier! Slightly different but still with similar notes - and at a lower price point! I also have my Byredo Burning Rose candle which I'm slowly savoring. I'm also hoarding it til' Autumn rolls around as I think it'll be the perfect compliment! I've turned into quite the candle hoarder and gave about 5 full size candles waiting to be used! I need to pick up some candle jar tops to keep them prettily on display while avoiding a layer of dust buildup on top.  

What are your favorite candles? How do you clean your jars? And what do you usually use your repurposed candle jars for? 

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