My Favorite iPhone Accessory

This may seem like a random post, but it's something I thought of this week when I got my new phone. I'm feeling very fortunate to have a new phone and such a fancy shmancy one at that! The phone / case was a gift from my lovely boyfriend. He's my #1 fan and he always jokes that things like this are "investments" into my blog :) ((he's the best)). I know a lot of people like to rotate through cases and whatnot but I actually like the idea of a 'less is more' approach. With all my phones I've never been big on having a ton of fancy cases - something simple that is durable and practical. With my iPhone 5 way back when I had those slim transparent cases (like this) which was the absolute best! But after I dropped my phone in Vegas (typical) and my screen shattered, I knew I needed something a bit more protective when I got my next phone.

When I got my iPhone 6s a few years ago wasn't sure which case to get and my boyfriend told me to get the leather one from Apple. I said sure and got the case in Saddle Brown. Of course with any leather the case ages with time and in the best way possible! I had my previous phone for 2+ years and my case is still going strong. If I had opted for an iPhone 8, I would've gladly continued to use my current case. I find that the leather case protects my phone the best because it helps absorb the shock. I dropped my phone countless times and it is still going strong. I probably dropped my 6s the first week I got it and a few chunks of the case came out but my phone was fine. The leather case can scratch fairly easily, but it's leather and it repairs itself over time, smooths out, and adds to the "aged" look. Since the case is ever so slightly raised along the front of the phone, it will most likely survive a fall on its face so long that it doesn't fall on a sharp object.

To show just how the phone looks from the day you get it to the state of the case a few years down the road, I took this shot so you can see how the case looks before and after and just how the case ages. I recently went to Mexico a few weeks back and had torrential rain pour down on us while we were walking around the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. My waterproof jacket ended up not being so waterproof and my phone got soaked. Luckily there was no water damage but the case actually held up just fine! It was sort of damp but it didn't get overly disgusting and smoothed out over the next day.  

When I got my iPhone X, my boyfriend asked what case I wanted to get and I shrugged and said I wanted the same one in the new phone shape. (I'm a simpleton - really am.) I thought about getting the blush pink silicone version but instantly changed my mind because I knew it wasn't very 'me.' My boyfriend also gave me a blank stare because I have maybe one item of pink clothing and am not the most girly person out there. And in the long run, I didn't know how well it'd fare in the long run so it wouldn't be as smart of an investment on my end.

While the leather case can be pricey, I think it's a worthy investment as it ages gracefully, lasts the entire lifespan of your phone, and actually protects your phone. If you're someone that struggles with breaking cases or your phone / screen, I definitely recommend investing in this! It's not as heavy duty as an Otterbox case, but it sure is stylish! I'm passing on my old phone to my dad. He JUST joined the world of smart phones earlier this year using my old iPhone 5 - this is going to be such an upgrade for him hahaha. But I think the leather case will suit him and will age even better in his care!

Do you typically buy your cases from Apple? Or do you like to go for the fast fashion type of cases and rotate every few months? Do you think you'd invest in one of these cases?

* this case is not sponsored LOL - I just really like my phone case (clearly)


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