G I F T G U I D E | The Tech Lover

I thought I had done a tech gift guide last year but it actually just intertwined in my travel gift guide. Growing up with an older brother I definitely learned to appreciate tech-y things. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend who is an engineer and a bit of a tech nerd lover himself. 

So one thing I picked up for myself this year was my Fujifilm Instax Printer which has already paid off as a great investment! I was finally able to print photos for my cube at work and for my ever-growing photo wall in my apartment. I don't have to worry about carrying my actual Instax camera with me everywhere and can just snap photos as usual and select the ones I want to print. It's also nice because friends can also buy their own film and print out photos for themselves too!

Something I was kindly gifted was a pair of AirPods from my boyfriend. Tbh, when these first came on the market I didn't think they were all too special. But the more I use them, the more I love them! They're great to use when on the go, at work, and pretty much at all times. The ease of mobility is probably what makes them the best. I can be listening to music and walk off to grab something without having to carry my phone or worry about wires. I forgot my AirPods at home one day and it was rough going back to use my spare headphones that were at work. If it's in the budget, I'd say treat yourself or a loved one to a pair! You won't regret it.

A new case for your phone. I'm forever #TeamApple, so with all the new phone models out there someone is bound get a new device. I think a good solid case is worth investing in because phones are such big investments these days. When I got my current phone 2+ years ago, my boyfriend bought me one of the Apple leather cases and it has held up the entire duration I've had it. I love how sophisticated it is and how durable it's been. From all the drops and scratches, it's protected my phone through it all. I'm planning on picking up a new phone eventually but already know I'll want another similar case. The plastic / glass ones are pretty, but I have so many friends that drop their phone from 1 foot off the ground that end up with cracks. In that case, looks do not matter. Read more about my love ramblings about the case here.

These days we're all so mobile that we don't necessarily pick up CD players. I haven't had speakers in ages but my boyfriend has the Beats by Dre Pill. Now that we live together I fortunately get to use his when I get home. While I walk around and tidy up the space or start prepping dinner, I usually connect my phone and play up some Spotify music (my current fav playlist is an oldies {i.e. middle school / high school jams} that I can't stop listening to. While we do have this, I've been eyeing up the Marshall wireless speakers - they have that vintage touch which I think would look so nice on my desk or shelf.

Something that’s kind of tech-y but also not really is a KitchenAid Mixer. I’ve been wanting one of these for yeaaars and finally snagged one today. It was definitely a gift to myself but it came at the perfect time as I just got my year end bonus at work 👀 . At Target right now there's 20% off using code 'CLASSIC'. There are at on of mark downs right now so the extra 20% really allows you to score a deal. I’m looking to pick up a new lens as well and am eyeing up a 35mm so I can take wider shots on my Sony. My 50mm takes photos beautifully but I’m just so limited with the space I’m working with. 

What are some items on your tech wish list? So many brands are offering 2-day / fast shipping to receive your orders by Saturday. So if you're behind on your Christmas shopping - start searching! Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and Target are great options :)


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