Current Face Washes on Rotation // Ep. 2

As a full fledged skincare junkie, I go through a lot of products. I did a post a few months back talking about some of the face cleansers I had on rotation, and as I've finished some up / swapped some out, I thought I'd do a mini update post to talk about the new products I've added. Of all the skincare products I use, I am a dedicated face cleanser and I usually go in with a sort of double cleanse at night and a light face wash in the morning (maybe). 

I love testing things out and I was a bit hesitant to try multiple new products all at once. I do have one constant face cleanser which is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I did finish up my current bottle but since moving in with my boyfriend we joined stashes and he had one open :B This is my all time favorite cleanser (it has replaced my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser) for sure. 

The Willing Beauty Do Over Nourishing Cleanser has been solid in my stash over the last 2ish months. I did a whole post talking about the Willing Beauty HY+5 Skincare Regimen (here) which has stayed quite regular in my routine. I'm *nearly* done with almost all of my products in the line (as you can see in the low product line in my cleanser here), and I am such a fan. As I stated in my post, the Do Over cleanser feels like a thicker version of the Glossier MJC and leaves your skin feeling extremely nourished (hence the name). 

Something new on my radar was definitely the Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Cream Cleanserwhich I received courtesy of Influenster. As much as I liked this, I didn't love that it went from a cream consistency to a foam consistency. One of the top ingredients is Sodium Olefin Sulfonate which I'm definitely not thrilled about, but oddly my skin really liked it? I am slightly allergic to sulfur/sulfate products, so I am still a bit weary of it. I'm also not a huuuge fan of the pump as it is a bit hard to use in the shower. I think this one may make a good morning sink face wash but I'm not sure if I'll want to use this all the way to the end as there are a lot of other cleansers I'd prefer to try instead.

One item from my Asia Beauty Haul (here) that I finally cracked open is the su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. This one sits on my bathroom counter and I use this in the mornings. I'll wet my face with a bit of water and rub the stick in a circular motion on my cheeks and forehead. This lathers up quickly for an easy clean. I do store this upside down so that the water doesn't travel down the stick and get gross. Someone did point out that this is basically a glorified bar soap in a fancy twist up packaging which I can see, but the stick makes it a lot less messy and much more travel friendly. 



// My Willing Beauty cleanser is nearly at the end and I think I'll probably give the Glo Skin cleanser away to a friend so I'm ready to swap in some new bits. I have a cleanser from Jordan Samuel + Kiehl's that I'm looking forward to testing out! Stay tuned for another edition of a face cleanser post next month!

What are some of your favorite face cleansers on rotation? Have you tried any of these?