Glossier in the UK + My Top 5 Picks + A Discount

The time has finally come - Glossier is launching in the UK! This has been long awaited and our friends over the pond are finally able to get their hands on one of my favorite brands out there. I've been using Glossier products for nearly two years now and I'm so smitten with pretty much everything I've tried. I've done a ton of posts in this space over the span of my blogging and you can find these posts rounded up here. As Glossier just celebrated their third anniversary, it's safe to say that their range of products have grown significantly over the past few years. In so, I thought it'd be great to do a quick roundup post of products to try for those new to the brand! Remember to shop through my Glossier Rep Link ( to score 10% off your first order! 

The first thing to make me fall head over heels with the brand was their Milky Jelly Cleanser (MJC as I like to refer to it)! It's a soothing cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished. I've been through countless bottles and I have 3 (y e s, 3) on backup at all times. My boyfriend has been using this for almost half a year now and he really likes using it too! It has a light rose scent which is delightful to use, it doesn't linger on the skin tho so anyone who isn't a fan of the rose scent need not be weary. This stuff is gentle enough to be used daily, and can even be used morning and night. If it wasn't for the curious blogger in me trying a million products, I'd prob have this as my all around cleanser. But this one is a firm staple in my skincare wardrobe and as much as I test products out, this one remains in my nighttime routine every. single day. 

Speaking of every single day, earlier this year Glossier launched their first sunscreen - Invisible Shield. A lot of people bashed on this sunscreen in the beginning because it was a chemical sunscreen and that it was pricey for its overall size. At first I was a bit skeptical of the product myself, but after using up an entire bottle I actually have grown to like it quite a lot! I finished my bottle a little over a month ago and after swapping it out with another sunscreen, I actually quite miss using mine. I have a new bottle on backup which I am just counting down the days until I can use again! This one has a clear gel consistency and feels very lightweight on the skin. It doesn't leave a white cast on your face and doesn't take a ton of time to work into your skin. I am someone who likes the smell of sunscreen but Invisible Shield doesn't have the typical scent. Some say it smells like lemons but I still detect the slightest sunscreen scent - but again, this quickly fades and does not linger on your skin.

One launch that I was so stoked for this time last year were the Glossier Supers! I remember stalking Glossier's Instagram the day of the launch waiting to know when it was released so I could hop online and snag a set for myself. I was debating between the three and was most excited about Super Glow. The Super Pack allows you to save a little extra somethin' while trying all three at once. I'm so glad I went with this option because it helped me discover Super Bounce which is just about my favorite of the three. I've been through a few bottles so far and I continue to buy new ones as it's the one I go through the fastest. Super Pure is a fab option when my skin just feels congested and unhappy. It helps a lot with redness in the skin and helps any angry spots reduce in size. I find this one works best with consistent and regular use. I do recall it semi burning my eyes when I applied it at first, but over time my skin / eyes got used to it. Super Glow isn't my favorite but I do use it for that extra bit of glow in the morning before I apply my moisturizer. I think my one bit with it is that it's so liquidy and runny - but I find that applying it straight to my face works best and makes for the smallest amount of mess. If you're debating on getting any of the Supers, I highly recommend getting the Pack and trying all 3!

On the makeup front it was actually kind of hard to decide which ones to choose but I had to go with the Stretch Concealer and Cloud Paints. The Stretch Concealer is something I tried just to try - but I'm so glad I did. Personally I love the whole no-makeup makeup look, even if that means that some of my imperfections show through. For me I'm bigger on covering up redness in my cheeks and dabbing a little bit of the stretch concealer onto my cheeks, forehead, and around my nose helps tackle that. All the while it still lets my freckles show through (which I love)! The one downside is that it doesn't do as great of a job when I have a monster spot on my face. I'll usually go in with something a little more heavy duty to tackle those occasional spots, but for the most part the Stretch Concealer ticks all my boxes! I'm usually quite pale on the skin tone spectrum and I go with the shade Medium. It sheers out nicely that I don't think it is too noticeable. If you're on the cool/light spectrum I think you could get away with going with Light. I do think the Stretch Concealer pairs perfectly with the Perfecting Skin Tint to help give an extra wash of color over your skin to let your natural beauty shine through. The Cloud Paints are something I'm completely smitten with. I love blushes but have always been terrified of cream/liquid blushes. I just think back to the horrors of the Benetint days when a sales associate tested one out on me and left me looking like a porcelain China doll - it was not cute and I could see the horror in her coworkers faces.. // Anyways, in come the Glossier Cloud Paints. It's nearly impossible to go wrong with these babies. The tiniest amount of product is perfect to give that sheer wash of color to your complexion. Even better? The shades can all be mixed together to create new shades. Glossier runs a promo where you save when purchasing 2, so I highly recommend picking up two and going from there! Dusk is hands down my favorite of the four and it gets the most wear in my collection for sure. I also happen to think it pairs beautifully with all three other colors! For the second color I think it's a toss up, but I'd say either Beam or Haze. With the cooler seasons swiftly approaching, I think Haze would look best as it's a bit "extra" and perfect for all the events that are certain to happen sooner rather than later (ahem, xmas - be here already). 

// I thought I'd do some honorable mentions as it actually is quite hard to just pick five products. I love love love Priming Moisturizer Rich (PMR) - I did a whole post on the stuff when it was first released. I actually don't have a jar in my collection because I gave my mom my original one. I bought myself another one but my mom finished hers up and took my replacement (lol). I've yet to pick up another one but I'm definitely going to make an order so I have my own once the colder weather hits and my skin is in desperate need of it! Glossier Boy Brow is a cult favorite and for good reason. It comes in a variety of shades so there's literally a perfect shade for everyone. Personally I still like to fill in my brows but this is a great topper to that and is also great as the sole brow product for those looking for something quick and easy on the go. The newest addition to the Glossier Fam is Body Hero. I'm super behind and have yet to write a post but I love this stuff. On top of the incredible message that Glossier sent on the topic of loving your own body, they released 2 incredible products. Glossier is notorious for making everybody love something in a typically unloved area of beauty/self care. For me that was definitely sunscreen and now body care. I am so good at doing facial skincare every morning and night, but I am absolutely terrible when it comes to my body. I've been trying to work on that since summertime and have done a pretty good job! I've been regularly exfoliating, drinking more water, and moisturizing every night (at the very least). Enter in the Body Hero duo - a body cleanser and body cream. These both have a neroli / orange blossom scent which I adore so so much. My mom's favorite fragrance is the Jo Malone Orange Blossom and this ever so slightly reminds me of that and it just makes me feel so happy when I use them both. I associate orange blossom with luxury (probs cause of Jo Malone), so whenever I use the body wash in the shower I just feel so fancy (lol). I love using the body cream because it reminds me a lot of the PMR - it's thick yet it sinks into your skin quickly without being greasy. I already ordered a backup of the duo because I know I'll work through the cleanser quickly as I've been reaching for it almost every single day since I got it. I gifted my mom one of the creams as I kew she'd love it (which spoiler alert - she does). //

Remember - every Glossier order comes with a free pink pouch (or even a few - depending what you order) + free stickers! As a child I was obsessed with stickers but somewhere along the line I grew bored of them. Of course it'd be Glossier to get me (and the rest of the world) back into the sticker obsession. I see stickers everywhere these days - I even picked up a sheet at the register at Madewell of all places. I love putting the stickers on jars and tech gear in particular - makes it easy to know something is mine and grab it. I can't wait to see how you guys decorate with your stickers - send me a DM! :)

** Edit: These days if you want limited packaging, you can opt out of receiving a pink pouch and stickers! Glad to see the brand decide to go green to help reduce waste for any consumers that don’t necessarily want all the extras.

But yeah, that's my quick roundup of faves! I'm so excited for Glossier to be available in so many places now - Canada, Paris, UK - hopefully AUS next ;). Let me know what you're most excited to try or what your favorites are if you've tried the brand before! Please be sure to shop through my rep link ( as I do make a small commission off each order and it helps me out so so much. It allows me to put extra $$ back into this space and create even better content for all of you.