Project Use It Up | 2016

Okay, let's be real. The theme of my life lately (as reflected in my blog) is to use things up / get rid of things. I had two empties posts this month (HERE & HERE) and I'm just loving using things up and clearing space out in my drawers and cabinets. It feels so dang good. And if it's something you've been debating on, I whole heartedly recommend you to join in and do it. And if you watched the Gilmore Girls revival trailer, you'll have seem Emily Gilmore Marie Kondo-ing the sh*t out of her home - I dig it. In short, cleansing and purging is so good for the soul - trust.  

My latest obsession (as it has been for a few months I think) has been those #ProjectUseItUp / #ProjectPan / #ProjectEmpties type posts on Instagram. Some people find cooking videos satisfying, I find empties flat lays the most satisfying. Some of my favorite series are Project Pan posts showing updated progress of panning products (typically one of each makeup item).

1. Target Candle (Peony) | This literally finished burning right after I took these photos - talk about perfect timing. I've since repurposed it into a new jar for all my perfume samples (as seen on my IG HERE). This smells amazing in the jar but I really felt it didn't give off any scent. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by Diptyque candles that truly fill the air with fragrance, but this was slightly disappointing. But for the price, I don't mind burning these for a bit of ambiance/mood setting. I have my eye on some other Target candles because I just think the jars will be cute repurposed around my room. If you have any favorite Target candles, please let me know so I can sniff em next time I'm in store!

2. Bare Minerals Original FoundationI've mentioned that Bare Minerals was one of the first makeup brands that I used when I started wearing makeup (read all about my "firsts" HERE). This is in the shade medium and unfortunately it's already slightly too dark for me to wear. So I'll try wearing it a few more times but I think it'll just get the boot - mostly because the likelihood of me actually being tan enough to wear this is slim (very sad - I know).

3. Dior Addict Lip Glow PinkI'm literally SO close to finishing the end, which is such a success for me because I've actually never finished up an entire lip product before. I got really close with some Burt's Bee chapsticks, but always ended up losing them or tossing them cause they looked so grimy. I actually didn't realize how expensive these were, but if you're interested in trying it I'd recommend getting it during the Sephora VIB sale coming up. I've been using this and my Laneige Sleeping Mask (post HERE) as my go-to lipstick duo (read HERE).

4. Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion Original | I'm finally nearing the last 1/3 of the tube and I can't wait to be done - although regardless of how much is left at the end of 2016, I'll be giving this one the toss. Particularly cause I've had this for a while and it probably isn't too good to use around my eyes for much longer. (There's no issue with consistency / smell so that's why I'm still reaching for it!)

5. Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream | Yes, I used up my mini version but that was the one I left in my purse. I originally had this one with me at work but I brought it home to push all the product to the end with my tube wringer (HERE). This one is fab and like I mentioned in my Empties Post yesterday, this really does a great job at moisturizing your skin, particularly the dry skin around your cuticles that gets chapped easily - especially once the weather cools down.

6. NARS Single Eye Shadow in Bali | I actually picked this up a few years back as an eyebrow powder. I actually did like it for that and it's perfect for when I go darker with my hair color in the Fall/Winter. I had a mishap with it where it basically exploded and cracked everywhere. It actually is fine cause I just break up the little bits and use it up that way. But I may try pressing this to see how that works out. If anything I'll just give this a toss as I did get a lot of good use out of it.

7. MAC Studio Careblend Pressed PowderLook at all that pan (major #panporn right there). I've actually been a bit bad and have veered from it, but I'm going to try and power through and finish this one up. If all goes well with pressing the NARS shadow I may try it with this.

How are you guys and finishing up products? Do you ever challenge yourself with #ProjectPan / #ProjectUseItUp type posts? This has actually become a bit of an addiction, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts! And I just know that it means whenever I decide to move, I'll be taking a hell of a lot less things with me. Double thumbs up for sure.