Borrowed From Mom

Jo Malone Orange Blossom, Stila Convertible Color Gerbera, YSL Lipstick Rouge Volupte Shine 9, Borrowed From Mom

If you were to ask me where I gained a passion of love for makeup and all things beauty,  you could definitely say I got it from my mama. She definitely has an affinity for all luxurious things, and I can definitely say I inherited that from her (thanks ma). I remember rummaging through her beauty bits when I was younger and trying to be subtle about putting eyeliner on and borrowing her lipsticks without her noticing. As I got older, I began sharing bits and pieces of makeup with my mom. My mom is quite hip with the brands and is easily swayed by my influence. We'll be walking around Nordstrom beauty kiosks together and when I point out a product that's good, she'll test it and if she loves it - she'll buy it.

Can you guys tell where I get my bad shopping habits from? 

I was clearing out some of my makeup products this past weekend and my mom sat down and we began chatting over makeup bits. She went into her room and came back and handed me two makeup products that she hadn't gotten much use out of lately. She thought I'd get more use out of them and commented that she could always come back and get them if need be. That's when I thought of this 'Borrowed From' series, where I can talk about products borrowed from my mom, or even my friends. 

My mom handed me a YSL lipstick that I bought with her previously, and I am coveting this little gold tube. It is the Rouge Volupté Shine in #009 Nude in Private, which is described as a spicy warm beige. It is a great neutral with a touch of shine which is definitely easy enough to wear everyday. She also handed me the Stila Convertible Color cream blush in Gerbera which is described as a rosy peachy pink. This is my first cream blush and I am beyond excited to add this to my ever growing blush collection. As noted in my May Favorites , I sometimes like to sneak into my mom's bathroom to spritz on some of her classic scent - Jo Malone Orange Blossom. There's something warming about the smell and just makes me feel at home. It's a perfect soft scent that slowly fades throughout the day. I'm looking into biting the bullet and purchasing mini versions of some other Jo Malone scents, I think it'll be interesting to test the layering of the scents with one another. 

Do you ever borrow any products from friends or family? What do you typically like to borrow?