A New Everyday Lip

This is a repeat post, in my quickness to edit some old posts I accidentally deleted all content and accidentally hit save. *face palm* But I love the photos (and lipstick), so enjoy this repeat post and reminder of how wonderful this lipstick shade is!

Twig has quickly made its way up my ladder of favorite lip products. It is an easy, wearable shade with a comfortable formulation. It's a beautiful nude-mauve shade that can easily be worn during the day, or amped up with some long lashes for a chic evening style. 

The formula is a satin finish which gives a matte look, although without being too drying on the lips. This also leaves a light stain behind so you don't need to worry about this fading away in a patchy or blotchy way.  

I've become obsessed with nude lips and I recently picked up two additional nude lip products. Mid-week treat and splurge soon to come!

MAC Lipsticks, Twig