Take 5: Neutral Nails

Essie, Revlon, Butter London, Sand Tropez, Master Plan, Grey Suede, Checkmate, Yummy Mummy

T-B // Sand Tropez, Master Plan, Grey Suede, Checkmate, Yummy Mummy

When it comes to nails I'm drawn two ways: darks and lights. Colors are great for an occasional pop of color, but I like the idea of a somewhat neutral nail that will compliment any outfit. I've chosen some of my favorite neutral-shaded nails within different price ranges. 

Drugstore & Low-End Picks

Grey Suede:

This is a beautiful blush pink/taupe color; sometimes I'm confused as to why they call this grey. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful neutral nail. This one dawns my nails frequently and the opacity is wonderful. Two coats leave a beautiful color behind and the lasting power of this polish is not bad at all. 


This is a drugstore dupe of Sand Tropez color wise, but there is something about the formula of this that I just love. It is part of Revlon's 'Gel Envy' line, without the thick faux feeling and with all the long-lasting power. This stuff stays for a good 4 days before any chipping begins. The one downside about this would be the brush, I'm not a huge fan but once you start working on the 2nd coat, application feels like a breeze. 

"In-Between" Picks

In my book, Essie and O.P.I. polishes are reasonably priced. When I think about them in comparison to getting a manicure, the cost of buying a bottle is cheaper than a manicure (obviously) and can last for ~45+ applications.  Now I'm not saying I can't occasionally treat myself to a manicure, but that's where practice comes in to get the whole nail routine down. 

Sand Tropez:

This is arguably my favorite nude nail color of all time. I like that this is an opaque sand color, it isn't sheer and doesn't take 3+ coats to get a rich color. Nudes are difficult for everyone, as nobody wants their hands to turn out corpse-like. I have pale skin with yellow undertones, and I absolutely love this color. My hands never look too grey with these, and it works well year-round.

Master Plan:

Light grey nails are something a bit unusual that is not the first color most people think to pop on their nails. Grey nails add a little something else, and this particular hue of grey is on the cooler side, possibly with added hints of light blue or lilac within it. If you're looking for a unique shade, this is one to try.

High-End Pick

I know Butter London may not be high-end per se, but it is one of the more expensive nail polish brands that I own. 

Yummy Mummy:

This is a grey-taupe polish with a pearl sheen finish, it is a lovely option without making your nails appear dead. The formulation of Butter London is lovely, although I'm not sure it's worth the hefty price tag. The lasting power isn't completely there, and I feel the need to layer over Seche Vite on top. 

After picking this up and placing this next to Grey Suede, I realize that the two are quite similar. Grey Suede could easily be a dupe for Yummy Mummy, with a tinge more of pink. If you're debating between the two, I would probably recommend Grey Suede as it is a fraction of the price and equally as beautiful. 

Have you tried any of the polishes I mentioned?  

What are some of your favorite neutral colored nail polishes? I would love to hear your recommendations!