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It is extremely rare that I will find an entire fragrance sampler where I like every single one of the scents. Well lo and behold, that happened with Tokyo Milk. Of course while I knew there were some I'd reach for over others, I could easily wear all of the scents. While I used to be a one scent type of gal, my fragrance collection has grown exponentially throughout the past few years. Of course I ended up keeping a few and letting friends take the others. 

The Tokyo Milk fragrances are all very soft and floral - which I personally think mesh the best with my body chemistry. I don't really seem too keen on scents that are very sharp. I love that all of the minis in the Dark/Light Perfume Discovery Set are roller balls, which means it's less messy and I can get just the right around of product wherever I need it. The products are also nice and hefty so I never have to worry about the products leaking in my bag (this is one of the worst things ever) or getting smashed if I were to accidentally drop my bag.

Here is a breakdown of the scents included and their descriptions over on the website.

  • Tainted Love revels in the complexities of love with warm notes of dark vanilla bean, sensuous sandalwood, provocative spices, and an unexpected kiss of sweet orchid.
  • Everything & Nothing charms with a bright burst of citrus and layers of sweet, blossoming florals. Romantic and optimistic, the blend of pressed petals, tea leaves, and sweet orange creates an enchanting sensory experience.
  • La Vie La Mort captivates with an intoxicating blend of flowers. White tuberose and jasmine are transformed by a touch of cardamom and hibiscus leaf to transcend beauty itself.
  • And Soul is a fragrance with an ethereal lightness. Pressed Oolong Tea leaves and Bamboo Reed are blended with Orchid & White Musk for a crisp and refreshing fragrance that beautifully breaks tradition and challenges convention.
  • Awaken Within is beautifully modern and complex with a bright burst of Citrus & Sky. Layers of sweet Orange Blossom and Jasmine are blended with Neroli to create a botanical sensory experience.
  • Transformation is shining with layers of blossoming florals. A romantic combination of Mandarin, Tuberose and warm Amber & Earth with a touch of White Clay. A true exploration of the balance of beauty and power. 

I'd like to say that I am a low-key hand cream addict. I love trying new ones and am always on the hunt for the newest and bestest. When I saw that Tokyo Milk had some hand creams, I asked if I could try one and gave some options. Never did I think that they would kindly gift me all of my choices. I ended up feeling a bit overwhelmed with hand creams and let my friend have the Anthemoessa No. 84 one. She is low-key obsessed with it but told me she was shocked that hand creams cost that much. Agreed - but a little goes a long way and if it's a little touch of luxury in your everyday routine, why not!

I love that all the hand creams came in beautiful box packaging. Although I didn't photograph them, I did keep some of them and used them as mini dividers for my desk drawer - #practical ! One thing I thought was slightly annoying was that the hand creams were sealed with that teeny bit of metal over the top. While this is nice, the lids did not have the little point to break through (they have flat tops). Now it was fine because I did have some hand creams that did have that little point so I could puncture through, but had I not that would have been v annoying. Packaging can be beautiful, but it also has to be functional. I ended up keeping 2 of the 3 hand creams, one in a light scent (Awaken Within) and one in a dark scent (La Vie La Mort).

While I do love the hand creams and they sink in nicely to the skin, I don't know if I will keep both. My best friend loves hand creams and I always let her have any in my collection, so I'll see if she's a fan of either of these scents and let her have it. I mean we also work with each other - soooo I always get to use them again anyways if I really want lol.

Have you ever tried anything from this brand? Do you have any recommendations?
I'm really interested in their bubble bath products - they look divine!


These products were gifted to me but all opinions remain my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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