Life Lately and a (Mini) March To-Do List

How are we more than halfway through March? Time is , that is surely a thing. In a continuation of February’s To-Do list, I’m basically doing all the same things. I’m being a bit more diligent about clearing out products and did a pretty good job last month. Maybe every week I’ll go through and comb through my stash in case anything has changed. I’m testing more products out and am being strict about passing it along if I don’t love it.

I mentioned last month that this was supposed to be a busy month, but it’s turning out to be okay! I was lucky and my clients were *kind enough* to get back most of their documents and information back early which allowed me to be a bit ahead of schedule with work. I’m so fortunate for that and I’m hopefully not going to have to do anymore overtime this month. *fingers crossed anyways* As it is the busy month, our office caters lunch everyday so it’s one less thing for us to worry about. This is pretty much the best since I don’t have to worry about anything - which means I don’t need to really worry about cooking too much for dinner / having enough for leftovers the next day. Because I don't really have to worry too much about leftovers, I'm trying to be a bit more experimental with cooking and recipes. I just cooked a little lentil + turmeric soup and it was delish. Turmeric can be so scary when you spill some on a white counter - but I think we've gotten away with no staining. The soup was actually quite good and I'm excited to try more recipes / do a twist on the ingredients. 

I wasn’t too great about the gym last month - I probably went solidly for a week and then was SO sore that I couldn’t muster enough will to take the elevator upstairs of our complex and work out LOL. Well hopefully with March comes warmer weather, so maybe I’ll finally be able to start swimming. That’s probably my favorite form of cardio as I used to swim competitively growing up. Because of that, I pretty much cannot standing while working out. Cause when you’re in a pool, you may be sweating but you really won’t feel it.  

Spring is officially upon us (in a few days) and I really need to get my box of donations to Goodwill soon. We're also really lucky to live in a city that has "spring cleaning" on a different level. Like toss everything onto the street and someone will come around and pick it up crazy. It seems a bit intense but it seems pretty convenient not to have to worry about getting rid of things properly. Although I'm sure it'll be quite unsightly to literally see trash everywhere. 

On an exciting note, I've gotten the chance to collaborate with Daniel Wellington over on Instagram. They've been so kind to give me a code to share with my readers for 15% off your order using the code 'CHYISM' ! DW watches were all the rage a few years ago and they're still that classic wrist piece. If you've been on the fence, I definitely recommend picking up a watch for yourself or a loved one. The straps are easy enough to switch up which gives you the fun of having multiple watches, without completely breaking the bank.

Yesterday I was able to head up to SF for a mini Glossier event at The Assembly - a new space in SF that's geared as a workout space, a social gathering space, and a co-working space. It's based in the Mission district of SF and is the dreamiest space you ever did see. Pictures cannot do it justice and if I lived in SF and was able to work in a co-working space, I think I would definitely muster up the funds to be part of this space. *Fingers crossed I get a chance to visit this place again.* Anywho - I was able to meet some of the other reps in person and it was so lovely! It felt somewhat creepy to recognize people in person and go up and say hi - but when the recognition is mutual all the fears just instantly fade away :) Hopefully as I go to more events I'll slowly ease up. Also - I finally got to meet Kim Johnson in person and she is such an angel IRL - look at her effortless cool-girl style!

I probably would not have said yes to attending the event in SF (as I'm such a homebody and rarely go up to the city), but my bf's friend's birthday was up in the city so I meandered around myself for a while. Thankfully with iPhones + Yelp/Google Maps + Lyft, I was able to hop from place to place. I got chai tea, visited a few stores, went to get another coffee, and yes - went to visit the Glossier Pop Up at Rhea's cafe! I was absolutely stoked because I've ooh-ed and ahh-ed over photos of Glossier's showroom in NY and this was my first chance to see a Glossier store with their setups and products in person. We all knew that the Byredo Burning Rose candle is a signature scent of the showroom and without even smelling it I ordered it online. I met another rep and we were joking how it was such a Mean Girls thing to do - "I saw on Glossier's IG that they had it, so I had to get it." While we were standing outside and waiting in line, I could smell it from outside and that made me *extra* excited. There was a long line but it went by pretty fast - so fret not. Also (!!!) you get free fries while waiting so that's a major plus. As expected, there were a ton of people and it actually got a little bit overwhelming with the number of people. I'm not a huge fan of crowds and with everyone pushing and shoving I went straight to someone to order, snapped up a few more photos, and then headed out. I'll slowly post up more photos over on IG in the coming weeks so stay tuned :) But in the meantime, here are a few snippets. 

How has your month been lately? Are there any things you're trying to check off your to-do list this month?