Glossier Lidstars | First Impressions & Discount

I know Glossier Lidstars were released a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd let the craze die down before I posted anything. I know a lot of people can feel a bit overwhelmed by everyone posting when something first releases (myself included), so I thought I'd give everyone a little internet space before I went ahead and did a post. This also gave me time to actually accumulate all of the shades and I happily have the entire shimmery collection in my possession now. I'm still working my way through testing and wearing all the shades, but I thought I'd give my first impressions on the product and the shades. 

Lidstar comes in six shades, listed below, and cover a good spectrum of colors. While these aren't all shades I would normally gravitate towards, they're mostly all wearable shades. Out of all them, the only one I probably wouldn't see myself reaching for is Lily. But on a night out, I definitely think it's one I could give a try. 

Moon :: sheerest cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer

Slip :: sheer baby pink with golden highlight effect

Cub :: rose gold with warm shimmer effect

Lily :: sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls

Fawn :: cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls

Herb :: smoky green with yellow gold pearl

The two I quickly gravitated to were Fawn and Herb. As someone with dark brown eyes and hair (kinda), these two are the ones that suit my skin tone best (in my opinion anyways) and are shades I reach for in general. I'm a huge fan of the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst and Fawn is a more sheer version that's great for everyday wear. I still remember when I was younger and didn't wear makeup, I was hanging out at a MAC counter and someone used a sort of green eyeliner on me and I loved how it turned out. While green isn't a color I normally gravitate towards, the gold specks in this really help make my eyes pop a bit more. This reminds me of a bit more muted version of Charlotte Tilbury's Color Chameleon pencil in Golden Quartz which I've been eyeing (I have Amber Haze and looove).

I've seen some hit and misses when it comes to the Lidstars and I can see some agreement in them. As always, I think everyone's skin is different and body chemistry is different. As someone who has semi oily eyelids - where it gets oily throughout the middle/end of the day - I can wear this without a primer and it stays just fine throughout the entirety of a day. Although some days I might see the little line start to form in my crease. But if I wear a primer underneath it's guaranteed to stay put and not budge at all. I find that trial and error is really the only way to go with these! We'll see once warm weather comes around and I start to get oilier faster throughout the day.

I've never been too big on liquid eyeshadows (mostly because I'm not good with eyeshadows in general), but these are quite easy to use. I find that applying a semi-thick layer allows for the best color payoff. I also found that rubbing the product in with my finger left it spread quite thin and sheer, which wasn't the look I was going for. But if that is the kind of look you're going for, then that'll work! But if you're looking for a darker, more pigmented eyeshadows look, I find that going in with an eyeshadow brush actually does help the color stay and spread around without looking too patchy. I haven't really tried mixing shades together yet, but putting multiple layers of the same color on top of one another works, so I don't see why mixing wouldn't. Cub and Slip are also gorgeous shades and I'm working up the courage to wear them - they're a bit outside of my normal comfort zone but still are great wearable everyday type shades. Out of all of the shades - I really only think that one shade is a slight miss and that one is Moon. In theory, it's a beautiful shade. But it always ends up so sheer on me that I can't really see it. I'm gonna start playing around with it and see if it works as a good highlight shade. 

I've been debating on getting lash extensions lately as a lot of girls at my workplace have been going to one studio and their lashes look amaze! And the cost isn't as eye-watering as the place I had tried previously. I know I didn't have the most incredible experience last time around, but I really did like how they looked! And most of all, I love how low maintenance it was for me to get ready on the daily. Every extra amount of time I can have to sleep sounds perrrrfect. I think these will be perfect to wear with lash extensions as it'll give a little oomph. But otherwise, I've been quite happy smudging some brown eyeliner along my lash line or just going with my typical cat-eye look. I do find that this looks a bit strange without mascara so I definitely do think that as easy as this one is to apply, it's definitely one that does require a bit more effort than your typical powder eyeshadow.

Price wise the Lidstars are each listed at $18. But if you pick up a duo, you can save $6 which definitely helps! (And allows you to try multiple shades - who can say no?) I do think they're quite fun and the test-tube packaging is nifty and easy to store. If you've been on the fence about them, I definitely think they're worth trying. If you live near the store or any pop-up, I'd recommend stopping by to give them a swatch in person. Feel free to slide into my DMs on IG if you're on the fence about any shades too! 

Have you given these a try? If so, which shades are your favorite? What type of shade would you be excited to see added to the range (if they ever decide to expand it)? Personally, I wish they brought out one that was similar to a Pale Barley type shade!

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The Glossier Lidstars were gifted to me but all thoughts remain my own. 
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