An Intro to Drunk Elephant Skincare

I first dabbled with the Drunk Elephant Skincare when I gave Babyfacial a go. I mainly heard gals within the IG skincare community talking about this and curiosity definitely got the better of me. I'm not actually sure that I've talked about Babyfacial on the blog, but this stuff is intense and crazy good. As you guys know I'm a Glossier Rep, and one of the perks is that I'm in a Slack community with a ton of other beauty and skincare loving gals. It's a blessing and a curse as I learn so so much from them, but also am so tempted to grab all the incredible products that they talk about. One brand that has been a hot commodity amongst many of the reps has been Drunk Elephant. I had such a good impression of it that I was quite eager to try more, and during the recent Sephora VIB sale I picked up a few new bits. 

The first time I tried Babyfacial I was a bit weary as I heard that the tingling sensation was strong. I'd only tried a chemical exfoliant from Kate Somerville as a sample and tbh I was not a fan - it burned my skin and I wiped it off almost immediately. When I first applied Babyfacial it was like tiny needles had been stabbing my skin - that or a ton of fire ants were biting my skin. I started minorly panicking and wanted to wash it off, but because everyone had sung it such high praises I stuck it out. Other people had mentioned the stinging and just said to stick with it - I'm glad I did because after 30 seconds to one minute, the tingling stopped. I left it on for the allotted time and then washed it off. I was left with baby soft skin and the next morning my skin just looked smooth and incredible. Because the Babyfacial can be a bit intense, DE recommends following up any treatments with a heavy oil. They're kind enough to include a mini of the Marula Oil which is one of the most luxurious oils I've tried. A little definitely goes a long way and it's one I would definitely contemplate picking up later on.

Aside from all the products I've thus been tempted to pick up, I buckled down and picked up this mini 'Rise & Glow' set from Sephora. It includes a mini of the 'C-Firma Day Serum' and the 'B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel.' As a beauty blogger I love trying new products, but it isn't always the best for my wallet or my skincare storage space - I work through products pretty slowly (although many of you may think otherwise), so I've decided to try and buy minis where I can. I had only tried one serum with Vitamin C and that is the Glossier Super Glow - which I'm a fan of. I'm excited to see how this C-Firma serum works to brighten and even out skin tone. I have quite dry skin which can sometimes be dehydrated, so I'm always looking for ways to add a touch of hydration back into my skin. Fingers crossed that this Hydration Gel does the trick.

Last up right now on the 'to-test' list are the Pekee & Juju Travel Bars. When I was younger I used to use a Clinique Bar Face Soap so I am used to using bar soaps. Although it's been a while since I've used them, these sounded too interesting to pass up. The Pekee Bar is meant to clarify, balance, and moisturize your skin, while the Juju Bar is a 3-in-1 bar that subtly exfoliates and dissolves oil/impurities within your pores - talk about a deep clean. Also look how teeny these are - they're a good size and will probably last a while, but won't be dauntingly huge to last for too long.

The DE products are so stylish and look beautiful and simple - I'm almost borderline obsessed and want to collect them all. I have a few other products on my list to try, particularly the eye cream. What are some products you've tried from the brand that you would recommend? Send them all my way please!

PS - If you're making your first order on the Drunk Elephant website, please use this link and score 20% off! I'll make $20 towards my next order :) As always, your support is much appreciated!