My Glossier Picks & a Discount Code

Glossier. Glossy-air. Gloss-see-ay. However you prefer to say it, by now you have heard someone (or many someones) talk about this brand sweeping the Internet and beauty world. If you've been following me on my blog, Instagram, or Twitter - you know this is the brand that I almost always go on out about. Is it because I'm a rep ? Partially. But honestly, it's really just because I like the brand in and out. From skincare to makeup, Glossier has got you covered. Their products have trickled their way in to being the majority of my collection on both sides - and honestly? I ain't mad about it.

Glossier is often featured on Facebook, Instagram, or on your friend's social media page - and it's not a hype. Well, I mean partially - but it's a good brand that stands behind their products. If you don't like a product due to ingredients, how it reacts to your skin, or even the shade you chose - Glossier will gladly take back any items. Glossier's customer support is unlike any other brand out there! They're responsive and they're on it to get you any replacements necessary and are the friendliest gang out there.

So you're new to the brand (or still just trialing things out) and need some inspiration on some products to try? Let's get into a roundup of some great "to start with" packs. And at the end will be a little discount code for both new and returning customers! I've separated this into two categories: Skincare & Makeup.


Three words - Milky. Jelly. Cleanser. MJC is hands down my favorite face wash and has been for nearly a year now. I've gone through multiple bottles and always have a backup on hand. I even got myself a second spare bottle and have put it at my boyfriend's house so that I can use it any time I'm staying at his place. I'm not too sure about it getting off every trace of makeup but I do think it's great for those that wear the bare minimum or use this as a double cleanse. I'll always use this first and then go in with a second cleanser for a deeper clean. 

The holy trinity of Glossier has got to be The Super Pack - Super Bounce, Super Pure, and Super Glow. If you're new to the brand, I highly highly recommend picking up the pack as it is the absolute best bang for your buck. You save $19 when you order the pack, and if you're new to the brand you save 10% off your order.

Priming Moisturizer Rich is a great cream for those with dry skin. It may not be the most moisturizing one on the market, but it does a hell of a good job. And for the price point you really can't argue. This has a blend of shea and murumuru butters to hydrate your skin and help lock in moisture while creating a nice smooth canvas for your makeup to apply. I did a whole dedicated post to PMR HERE. For those of you not into as heavy of a moisturizer, the original Priming Moisturizer is a favorite among many. It's in a friendly tube package and is easy to carry on the go. I think this is one I'll definitely be reaching for more once the warmer weather is officially here! In the meantime, I'm trying to finish up some open moisturizers I already have out. Overall, both of these moisturizers are great to use morning and night, and the best thing is that they prepare your skin for makeup because they leave your skin smooth and even. So when you can knock off two birds with one stone, why wouldn't you?


The masks are definitely great options and actually hold much more than you would imagine. I've tried both and of the two, my favorite has got to be the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. For those that love detoxifying masks, this one is a great one for pulling all the gunk out of your skin without leaving your skin dry or parched. This has been one of my go-to masks for those times when I'm feeling like my skin will act up (post here). There are little bits of orange peel in the mask so when you wash the mask off you get a little added exfoliation.

Another mask that I've had for a while (but haven't used lately cause it's been at my boyfriend's place) is the Moisturizing Moon Mask. This can be paired after the Mega Greens mask or on its own. It's a lightweight moisturizing mask with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help plump up skin, smooth fine lines, and restore elasticity. It also has licorice root and lemon extract to help brighten up your skin complexion! You can actually pick up both the Mega Greens + Moisturizing Moon masks together in a pack and save $4, no code necessary!

The Balm Dotcoms come in varying forms, the original in the typical Glossier Pink and White along with Flavored Balm Dotcoms - Mint, Coconut, Rose, and Cherry. I know gals use these balms in more places than just their lips - you can apply it to any overly dry patches, along the nail bed and cuticles, and even dry heels on your feet. If you want to gift the Balm Dotcom you can get the four flavored balms in a set for $40, saving you $2 per balm for a total of $8. Perfect to have on hand when you want to share the Glossier love with a friend or loved one! 

If you're interested in trying these skincare items out, I highly recommend the Phase 1 Set. It comes with my favorite Milky Jelly Cleanser, the original Priming Moisturizer, the original Balm Dotcom, and the perfecting skin tint which I'll talk about next. 



A lot of people are throwing haterade around and say that Glossier makeup is so minimal it shouldn't be considered makeup. Hello, that's kind of the point. Makeup doesn't always have to be about looking glammed up like the Kardashians at every moment, it could be about emphaizing features you already have and just giving you that added bit of cover. Minimal makeup is definitely my kind of makeup - and if it isn't yours, you should give it a try! I've been really big on skincare in recent years and I attest a lot of that to why I don't feel the need to layer on a ton of makeup, when your skin looks good the makeup you apply looks even better! And when your skin is behaving, you don't really feel the need to cake on a ton of makeup anyways.

The Skin Perfecting Tint is very minimal and one that I do recommend to everyone. It is incredibly lightweight on the skin and just helps even out your skin tone. This is ideal for those who have relatively good and even skin with patches of redness or slight discoloration. This gives your skin that dewy and glowing finish - lately I've been going 50/50 with the SPT and my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - my skin has never looked better. But on its own, SPT  isn't heavy coverage so if you're looking to cover any scars or acne this one (unfortunately) will not cover those up. BUT Glossier brought out their Stretch Concealer (which has quickly become the only concealer I reach for) which can help to cover up any pesky spots. The concealer itself contains good ingredients, including Beeswax & Microcrystalline Wax which help give it that elastic consistency. The product stays and moves with your skin rather than clumping up and looking caky. It's ideal for placing over spots, in corners of your face (think nose corners), and especially under the eyes. 


Brows Brows Brows - everyone is always all about the brows nowadays. Thanks to gals like Cara Delevingne, the bushy brow is in. For gals who always had bushier brows (like myself), Glossier has definitely helped me "embrace" my natural and fuller brows. Of course I'll still keep them shaped, but I don't mind as much that my brows are bold. Sometimes I'll fill them in with a powder and then brush through them with Boy Brow to give my brows that fluffy and fuller look. They come in three colored shades: blonde, brown, and black - and  now clear for those who don't want added color! Since I do often fill in my brows, I'll opt to 'fluff em out' with Boy Brow Clear. But for days when I'm looking to get out the door quick, I'll do a double layer with Boy Brow Clear + Boy Brow Brown. You can read through my whole post on Boy Brow Clear HERE.

My favorite cheek products of the moment have got to go to Glossier. Especially as we enter the Spring/Summer seasons, I'm down for all things dewy and glowy. The Haloscopes have been around for quite a while and everyone who has tried Glossier will probably go on about how much they love theirs. They come in three shades: Topaz, Quartz, and Moonstone. I have Quartz and Moonstone (will prob be adding Topaz in eventually), and absolutely love how beautiful and subtle these are. Quartz has more of a pearly pink undertone which I usually reach for if I'm in need of a more intense glow. But for my normal day-to-day wear, I like to reach for Moonstone. It is a sheered out highlight which is so subtle but definitely noticeable when light hits down on it. I'll admit I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my products so on days when I'm wearing just a few dabs of concealer I'll apply this straight from the tube onto the tops of my cheeks, down my nose, and on my cupid's bow. On days when I've gone a little heavier with the foundation, I'll apply it to my finger and then dab it on top. The product is easy to work with so you can easily blend it up and out with your ring finger. Glossier recently released Cloud Paints, their cream-gel blushes in the most adorable packaging - little paint tubes! These apply like an absolute dream and blend into your skin beautifully - for anyone scared of cream blushes - these are incredible. I loooove Dusk and have been pairing that and Moonstone on my cheeks on basically a daily basis for the last few weeks. The Cloud Paints are even better because you can mix the shades together - I love mixing Dusk + Puff and Dusk + Haze for a little something extra. Glossier currently has a promo where you can save $6 on any 2 Cloud Paints using the code '2BLUSH'. Your total will be at $30 which means you always meet free shipping ;) WIN-WIN. If you want to read a more in depth post on the Cloud Paints, see my post HERE with review + swatches.

Last up on the makeup wagon for me are the Generation G lippies. For the regular working girl, wearing a bold lip color or liquid lipstick to work may not be the most ideal option. Who can deal with a high maintenance lip option for an 8 hour work day? Not I, that's for sure. Liquid lipsticks - yes, sometimes. But my lips start feeling dry and uncomfortable when I near hour 6. The Generation G lippies come in varying shades (one for everyone), and are so low maintenance and easy to apply on the go. They're sheer and can be layered on for a bolder look. Best of all? You can apply them without a mirror - hallelujah. I do find that some shades (particularly Jam) need to be applied on lips that are in good condition - no dry or cracked lips or the product will stick and look patchy. But I find that layering a nice balm underneath beforehand really fixes all of that. And Glossier has a wide range of awesome balms to cover you on that (they're called Balm Dotcom for a reason). 

If you're looking to try some makeup bits I also recommend the Phase 2 set, it includes your choice of Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, and Generation G! 


If you're on the fence about trying any of these products, I'd say go for it! Glossier has one of the best customer services out there and will accept any returns on products that don't work for you - whether that be the ingredients or the shades. What's the harm? Try it, I double dare you. And if you've seen those pink pouches that come in everyone's order, you'll get those included in your package for free! And depending on how many products you order, you may even get 2! I always use these pouches when I travel now - it's good to place your liquids. I also use a pouch to carry my electronics in, super handy and so cute! And the best part is that they're see through so you know right off the bat what's inside.

And there are some lifestyle products which are just nice to haves! The Glossier crew neck sweaters are so so comfy and great for throwing on when you're out and about. They are on the bigger size so I'd say order true to size, but if you want a looser fit size up. The terry headbands are perfect for masking as it keeps all the hair out of your face. It's a good material too so it's easy to wash and reuse. 

Shop all of the above (and my favorites) at If you're a first time buyer, you can save 10% off your entire purchase! And until March 23, 2017, returning customers can use the code 'FATMASCARA' and score $5 off of any purchase. These types of deals don't come around too often so if you're looking to restock any of your favorites - go go go. 

EDIT// For those not in the U.S., fear not! You can find ways to ship internationally. Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty did a post (here) explaining how she had their products shipped :) Be sure to check it out! 

EDIT // May 2018: Glossier is now available in Canada, the UK, and Ireland! World - here comes Glossier!