Your Kiss-Proof Valentine's Day Lip Products

Okay let's be real, who wants to worry about their lipstick getting all over the place while smooching with their loved one? Not I, that is for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing a fun lipstick so I'll usually wait til' I see my man, give him some kisses, then happily apply my lipstick LOL. (Does anyone else do this or is it just me?) I thought I'd round up some of my favorite lip options (which I actually wear on the daily because these days I really cannot be bothered). These are all fun options which are moisturizing, comfortable on the lips, and best of all - low maintenance. Hallelujah. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments have long been some of my favorite lip products, and if you couldn't tell from the (much) loved tubes, I use to carry these around with me all the time. I only recently stopped carrying them around as they ended up chipping the rose gold off of one of my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (*crying waterfalls*). I feel like I have acquired a wide range of the lip treatments that are perfect for all seasons. Petal is a fun rosy pink which adds a touch of pink - perfect for Valentine's Day. Because it's Winter and we're still into the vampy-esque shades, Plum is a great option. It's recently been discontinued (cries again) but Fig looks like a great alternative! The last of the SLT bunch is Honey, which is the perfect everyday nude shade. It makes your lips look better as they add a touch of warmth to the lips and makes them look all the more healthier. 

One thing I received in my giant SpaceNK GWP haul (here) was the By Terry Baume de Rose Crystalline. It's their popular Baume de Rose in a friendly travel version - and trust guys, this stuff is luxe. I feel slightly embarrassed trying to use it at work as I feel the need to use my phone camera to apply. But when I'm on my own (aka in my car or at home), I have zero issues whipping this out and applying. I love all things rose and noticed recently just how many rose-scented items I have. (Post idea made - expect a rose-scented item post soon!) This one also leaves my lips feeling moisturized and I can apply it twice to last me at least 9 hours from the moment I leave my house to the time I'm returning home from work. It does not have a sticky or tacky texture and gives the slightest tint of a light pink to your lips. It almost looks a bit silvery/lavendery at first but quickly blends in like your typical lip balm.

Let's be real, who would I be without throwing some Glossier products in? You guys know I am borderline obsessed with all things Glossier and lip products are not excluded. I picked up the Flavored Balm Dot Com in Rose because I'm clearly rose obsessed and had misplaced my original Balm Dot Com. This one does add the slightest hint of color but nothing overwhelming - it's a great alternative if you're looking to mix up your Balm Dot Com selection. Of course I had to include one of the Generation G lippies and I chose Jam which is a deep berry magenta. The thing I love about these lip products is that it can be applied lightly for a faded / patted in look, or layered a few times over to give it a deeper hue. Lastly is a limited edition product (sorry everyone), but of course if there was any brand to bring me straight back to my 90s childhood it would be Glossier. For the first time in over a decade, I can say without a doubt that I enjoy wearing lip gloss. I always wore it when I was younger cause it was "the thing," but tbh I hated when my hair (and everything else in the world) would get stuck to my lips. The Glossier lip gloss has a smooth texture that doesn't stick together when you smack your lips together and just truly feels moisturizing. This was originally placed in the holiday black tie box and then sold temporarily individually. They are sold out but fingers crossed they'll bring this one back soon (ahem - Glossier - nudge nudge). PS - shop with me through my link <>! If it's your first purchase you'll get 20% off, but if you're still a return customer you can still shop through my link :)

Valentine's Day really just snuck up on me so I'll have a part 2 of this 'Valentine's Day Lipstick Series' this weekend! Stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite kiss-proof lip options? 

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