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I know this one is slightly similar to the one I did last year, but it's because I really think these are my tried and true products! Regardless if I'm going on an international or domestic trip, these are some of the products I take with me on every trip. If I was new and starting out, here are definitely some items I thought would be great to be gifted this time of year! Especially with more and more individuals taking the time to explore the world and get more cultured, giving the gift of seeing the world is also unbeatable. 

I have been using my Away Luggage (Carry-On) for over a year now and I am still in love with mine. I'm still singing high praises about this and I think if you're looking for a new luggage to replace your current one, this would be a wonderful one to take with you. It's small enough to fit in all carry-on compartments on planes which is perfect for not having to worry about meeting the requirements. The charging ports have come in handy more often times than not - allowing me to plop down wherever I can find a seat and not have to scramble to find a charging outlet. I also love the little Away Beauty Set which comes with a mini toiletry Away bag with some lovely skincare goodies from Herbivore, IGK Hair, RMS Beauty, and Malin + Goetz. I also love that they now have packing cubes which fit perfectly within your Away Luggage! If you are interested in snagging one up - shop with my link and you'll get $20 off your purchase (and I'll receive $20 towards a future order). 

For my toiletry bag I just picked up this clear Muji case - don't be fooled, this thing can fit quite a lot of products. I like that it's a sturdy and reusable product that also applies to TSA regulations. If you're looking to buy an entire travel set from Muji, I'd recommend the reusable containers to decant your products into - you can view the entire range here. I've picked up some jars from Muji, but my all time favorite tubes have to be these silicone squeeze tubes - I've had mine for years and they hold up extremely well. So although pricey, these are definitely a great investment. One great item to get for anyone on the go is the Quip Toothbrush. I love that this one is battery operated which means I don't need to worry about charging it while traveling or needing an extra converter when traveling around a foreign country. These also come with a cover / mounting device which is perfect for using while traveling and putting up on your mirror at home / on the go. 

For my makeup bag, I recently picked up the Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set which had been on my wish list for a few years now. As I don't have a designated place to get ready in my apartment, I figured I would revert back to my old ways of having everything in a makeup bag. I'm slowly working my way on eliminating a lot of things and cutting back to fewer, better things. This set comes with two sizes, one large and one small, which makes it great for using on a daily basis and when traveling. The small one is also perfect and will fit in my go-to travel purse well. My current travel purse is my Madewell Mini Transport Bag. I love that this can be worn as a crossbody and has a zipper closure. This one is easy to sling over while you're out and about and holds so much stuff. There are also two little pockets which easily fit a phone for each access. (I'm not sure if they're discontinuing the bag or just re-vamping it with new leather for next year - but if you see it on sale I'd snag it up ASAP!) While on the topic of leather goods and Cuyana, one little luxury that I have on my wish list which would make a perfect gift to a loved one is a leather passport holder. This one from Cuyana is beautiful and can be monogrammed for an extra personal touch! All Madewell & Cuyana gifts are perfect for getting personalized and they can be done in certain stores too!

CHY Gift Guide Traveler Gifts - Quip Toothbrush, Muji Toiletries Bag

For anyone on the go, traveling or not, a good portable charger is the best thing you can get. We are all so connected to technology these days and whether you use your phone for mapping, photographing, or listening to music, battery can run through quite quickly. A charger would be perfect for someone who travels a lot or will be traveling in the coming months. I have the Mophie charger and love how slim it is - effective without taking up too much space in my bag. If it's in your budget, I would gift your fellow traveler a Fujifilm printer so they can print out photos of their travels and adventures once they return home! The Instax cameras aren't practical because it's extra stuff to lug around. The printer allows you to get that same polaroid photo with your favorite picture! If you're ballin on a budget (lol), I would definitely look into getting your pal a new lens of some sort for their camera (if they're looking for a new one). I'm still saving up to purchase a 30mm to use when I travel / attempt to take more lifestyle photos!

When I travel, there are some little things I love to bring with me. I always bring a little notebook wherever I go to take notes and document my trip so I can better remember where I visited, where I ate, and just my travel day overall. I have a mini notebook from Muji that I picked up a few years back that I'm still working my way through. I love bringing a little pouch like one of these that has 2 zippered compartments - one large and one small. I'll usually toss my notebook in there along with a pen, my passport, passport copy (always carry one!), and any cash that I may bring with me on my trip. If I have any printouts for flights, hotels, excursions, etc., I'll also place them in here. This is my "everything" pouch and I can always reach in to my backpack to grab this and have everything handy. If you're looking for something on the cheaper end, I think a nice notebook, pen, and pouch would be perfect to gift for anyone that has their heart set on traveling.

When you're traveling on the plane or on a train, you definitely want to be well equipped with some good headphones. I'm probably beating a dead horse now but the Apple AirPods are the absolute best and they're so compact - perfect for any Apple lover / iPhone owner out there. One charge for the case can last a few charges for your headphones so you don't need to worry too much about charging them. And hey - you always have your Away luggage to charge them on the go too ;). 

What are some of your favorite items to use while you travel? What would be a great gift to give your fellow traveler / voyager?

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