December Makeup Bag ft. Kjaer Weis

I'll admit that my makeup bag hasn't changed all too much since I posted my last makeup shakeup post in October. I've made a few changes and I'm pretty excited about getting ready every morning. Bold claim - but it's true. 

One thing I've kinda retired these past few months is foundation. I'm just letting my skin breathe and going strong with the MILK Makeup Flex Concealer. I misplaced my Glossier Stretch Concealer for a while so this one is nearly done with now. I already have a backup ready to go at that time I make my last scrape. I do actually have some new bits on rotation in almost every category (shocker). 

My brow routine is the same and is always a powder of some sort and my Glossier Boy Brow. My hair has been growing out which means a lot less color in my hair, which means I'm going bolder with my brows and alternating between Brown / Black. My eye primer has also stayed the same which is from NARS. A few months back I went with my mom to Nordstrom and she was kind enough to buy me another of the Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze. I've been wanting to add some darker eye looks into the mix and this one is perfect for an everyday sultry smokey eye. I also picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette. I'm not sure that they're making this particular palette anymore, but I love the neutral eyeshadows and bronzer/highlighter/blusher shades. These are helping me mix up my eye looks this season. But of course my everyday go-to eye look is still a cat-eye courtesy of my KVD liner.

I am using a new eyelash curler which is from Surratt. I picked it up cause I thought it was pretty (vain blogger reasons) and heard good things. I had a black Bobbi Brown curler way back when so I didn't think it'd be an issue of pinching my eyelids. But I think after having my silver Kevyn Aucoin one for so long, I got used to seeing my lashes easily. I have pinched myself a few times which has been painful but I do find it grabs all my lashes - even the ones in the corner. I also picked up a new mascara as I'm a bit bored with my Tarte mascara. I tried to buy the Dior Diorshow Mascara but stupidly bought the regular version and not water-proof. I need to go in and switch that out because droopy eyelashes are not cute. Will keep you guys posted on how I like the mascara! So with a new curler and mascara, I feel like a whole new person. 

Now for the stars of the show (read: makeup bag): Kjaer Weis. Kjaer Weis is a brand I've been eyeing from afar, partially for it's packaging and partially for their luxury organic makeup line. I was kindly sent two products from them, their Highlighter in Ravishing* and Lip Tint in Passionate*. When I got my package I picked up each item in awe at how heavy they were. Each product came wrapped in a little red jewelry box-esque package - talk about lux.u.ry. My gateway to cream highlighters were definitely the Glossier Haloscopes, and this one leaves a lovely subtle sheen on my cheeks and nose that gives a healthy glow. Of course I still alternate between my current favorite highlight which remains BECCA Opal. I've been using this mini pan almost exclusively for half a year and I'm still nowhere near hitting pan on this lol. I'm still alternating between two blushes which are BECCA Wild Honey and Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk. Both are neutral and give a small amount of healthy glow rather than a bright pop of color. 

These days I've been going bare lipped as my lips have been so utterly chapped. I'll add a Gen G lippie here and there as they're so subtle. The other Kjaer Weis product I received is the Lip Tint which I was a bit hesitant to use. I'm not a fan of using my finger to apply products throughout the day but this one is oddly a good MLBB shade. It gives my lips a more cohesive color and gives a nice extra flush of color. After looking at swatches online, I think I'm highly debating on picking up another in either Sensuous Plum, Goddess, or Lover's Choice. I love a good berry lip as I find it to look the most natural with a healthy glow. 

As mentioned previously I don't have a designated area to get ready in the mornings and got really annoyed with having products laid around on my bathroom counter. Back in college I had most of my makeup in a little bag that I kept in the bathroom that was convenient. Granted I had way less makeup back then, but the idea worked. I ended up picking up this Cuyana Travel Case Set which comes with a large and mini size pouch. I love that you can get your initials engraved - of course I had to get CHY imprinted in mine. These are beautiful inside and out and are beautiful quality. I love using mine and I'll keep you guys posted long-haul how these hold up.

What's in your makeup bag this month?


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