5 Things To Do This Weekend

To me weekends are so precious as they are a time to do whatever the hell you want. Go out with friends or stay in  - whatever you do just enjoy it and be re-energized when the work week begins on Monday. My boyfriend and I don't usually do much on weekends and don't frequently take mini weekend trips - that is much too exhausting for our old souls. We like to take time to ourselves and regroup for the week ahead. 


Here are 5 things to do this weekend: 

1. Coffee Shop Work Day. Go to a small coffee shop and get work done. For all you bloggers out there take this time to respond to comments left on your blog, organize mail and respond to any companies, and just do overall blog maintenance. Use this time to think of blog ideas and plan out your schedules. If you have photos ready go ahead and edit them and draft up posts. These will be great for those days when your brain is lacking motivation and creativity. For you non-bloggers take this time to browse Pinterest - find recipes to cook, except used to do. Plan a vacation for the holidays or find inspiration to change something or add into your routine. 

2. Clean Out Your Wardrobe . I did a post on this on Tuesday. It honestly feels better to get rid of clothes. Having empty space feels amazing and to open your closet and drawers every day to see items you love does a number on the start of your day. 

3. Wash Your Brushes . This is by far one of the best things to do on the weekend. Go makeup free or just use a light touch of makeup. Give your makeup brushes a good clean and help prevent product build up. It'll be good for your skin and good for the longevity of your brushes. Since you're cleaning on the weekend this will also give your brushes sufficient time to dry. 

4. Go Catch Pokemon. I say this lightly haha. I don't play a lot, just occasionally when I'm hanging out with my boyfriend. But take this opportunity to walk around and explore new areas. I've already discovered a small community center, attached with a small orchard and museum. I would've never known it existed if I hadn't gotten up and walked around. I commend the creators of this application as they have thoroughly succeeded in getting everyone up and out and about. 

5.  Get a Pedicure. This is very much a treat yourself and not necessary, but it feels nice - especially in the summer. There are few times a year that I condone getting a pedicure and that is sandal season. Salons just do a much better job and get your toes looking cute for summer. They'll help scrub off that dead layer of skin and have your feet looking great so you won't need to worry about dry heels. Ladies, try taking your men with you - I've seen so many more guys at nail salons lately just getting pampered. Of course they don't paint their nails but they get their feet scrubbed, nails trimmed, and a kick ass massage. Trust - your guy will totally be down to do it. 

What are your favorite things to do on the weekend? 

Cindy YueLifestyle