Consolidating My MAC Makeup Collection

I've been thinking about getting an empty MAC Eyeshadow Palette for the longest time and wanted to depot my eyeshadow singles to trade in for a tube of lipstick. With the recent price drop for the palette and eyeshadow pans I finally bit the bullet. I did have a little clearout of my products and ended up scraping out old dried out gel liners that should not go anywhere near my eyes. I now *happily* have six that I will go in and trade! Any suggestions on which lip color I should get? I'm thinking Velvet Teddy / Mehr / Whirl. 

Depotting is always something that seemed harder than it was, I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was. I followed this YouTube video HERE which I thought was the so straightforward. I did speak to a sales associate about which pieces they needed back and she said all the plastic. So definitely do not butcher the pieces and puncture holes or cut through to remove. They may not take these back. For tools I borrowed a small flathead screwdriver from my dad, took a small knife from my kitchen, and grabbed a hair straightener. I took quick photos of the three main steps below. First I used the mini screwdriver to wedge between the crack and pop the pan out - just keep wiggling this back and forth and it'll come out no problem! Next lay a piece of parchment paper on your hair straightener and drop the pan onto this for about 15 seconds - depending on the heat of your straightener. Then take your knife and just go around the edges until the pan lifts up from the plastic portion and you can stick the knife under to pop this out completely. 

After I let the pans cool a bit I took some nail polish remover to wipe away any remaining gunk on the bottom of the pans. I heated up the bottom of the eyeshadow singles and peeled off the names to place on the bottom of the pans. I do need to get a strip of magnets to cut and place on the bottom of the pans so they stick to the palette, but that's something I'll save for later. For now I'm just leaving my palette flat on top of my drawers so they don't fall out.

Overall it was a very easy process and one I did in around 15 minutes. I did slightly scrape some of the pan of the first eyeshadow I depotted, but after that it was smooth sailing! (Until I accidentally dropped a pan on the floor and a huge chunk fell out - whoops.) My only tip would be to start with an eyeshadow you aren't as big a fan of - so if you lose some product you won't be as disappointed. I'm really glad I did this as I'd much rather have a palette sitting on the top or to the side of my Muji drawers. The single eyeshadows do take up some space so now that they're gone we'll see what I will place in that extra added drawer room! (Let's be honest though, it'll probably be lip products of some sort cause I have a problem.)