Lush Gift Sets

This is an extremely belated post as it didn't go up in time around Christmas. But I was walking around Lush the other day and saw that there were sets a plenty in the store. Mainly for Mother's Day. 

I'm fairly new still to the brand and have only tried the Olive Branch body wash (which I am getting to the bottom 1/3 of) and the Tea Tree Water. My friend gifted me this set which includes the Beautiful Shower Gel, Love and Light Hand Cream, and Snowcake Soap. This set isn't sold anymore but this Just For Mom set is basically a larger version with some added bath bombs! Funnily enough my mom was in my room and used the Love and Light Hand Cream and absolutely loved it so I let her have it - she reminds me every time she uses it how much she loves it and how good it is. 

And might I add that Lush does packaging so. damn. well. This orange copper wrapping paper and jeweled ribbon - so lovely!

I think Lush gift sets are a great deal, especially if you can snag them on sale. Besides the obvious of getting to try out products to see if you like them without making the big commitment, it's great if you like to try lots of things as they're smaller sized and you can go through them quicker without having half finished bottles around. I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not picking up the rose scented sets when they were on sale after the holidays. I suppose next year I'll need to remember to do so! 

What are some Lush products you've picked up lately?

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