April Lipstick Wardrobe

Lipstick wardrobes are my jam, I always find myself in phases and I wear specific hues/formulas for a while. I haven't done one in a while but when I continued to reach for a few select lip products this past month, I knew it was time to do another post.

If you've been around these parts of my blog recently you'll know that I've been doing some major nude lip hauling in the past month or two. It started with a change in mindset of how I wanted to buy products and organize my current makeup situation. I wanted more products that I could reach for on a daily basis rather than those "one off" fun colors that were reserved for special occasions. 

As you all know, I have a minor love affair with all thing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. I've quite possibly found my favorite shade of all time which is Honey. This has lived in every purse I have switched between, and you could say it has certainly been bag hopping a lot lately. 

I did a Charlotte Tilbury haul back in March and have come out with 3 strong game players. The Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in Iconic Nude has become a go-to every time I use a nude lipstick of some variation. I can definitely see myself finishing this one up, and at the rate I'm going probably will be running very low by Fall. When I have been wearing lipstick I've been switching between two in particular - Very Victoria and Bond Girl. Very Victoria is a browny-rose which is a great muted nude, I love pairing this with a cream eyeshadow for a soft smoky look. I've particularly been pairing this with Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow in Marie Antoinette. Even Anna of VDM put this in her April Favorites, and that girl has her makeup down. When I'm going for a classic statement look, I'll usually pair Bond Girl, which is a deeper plummy rose, with a strong winged liner and layers of mascara.


These have been meeting every requirement I need for any event in the past few months. The formula on these Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks is extremely creamy and comfortable to wear on the lips. They last long and fade nicely onto the lips, so this is a great option for everyday wear or evening wear. It's particularly great to wear to work as you don't have to worry about it smudging, fading in the center, or being a high maintenance product to reapply throughout the day. 

I'm still on a nude lip bend and looking to pick up another. I'm eyeing the Glossier Phase 2 line and am hoping to pick up a lip product or two. I'm taking a small break right now and am jotting down a list of makeup products to pick up when I head to the UK in a few weeks. If there's anything I should pick up or look for, do feel free to share below! And let me know if you'd like to see a little UK wish list post!