Makeup Collection Feat. NARS

So it's pretty clear that NARS is one of the most photogenic beauty brands out there. From the minimalist looking packaging to the quality products within them, NARS is a pretty kick-ass brand all around. 

Over the years I've collected quite the number of products, and I'm gonna share with you all the bits that make up my NARS beauty collection. From foundation, to cheek products, to lip products - there's a little bit of everything.

The first "high end" foundation I ever bought was the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (in Ceylan). This one was very much hyped in the blogging world many years ago and still is to this day. This one has a heavier coverage so I don't reach for it on a daily basis, but I do have my moments and will reach for it when I want that photo perfect look. On a night out you can also bet that I'll reach for this one to last through any event. Ceylan is currently a bit too dark for me as I'm in my pale season, but hopefully I'll be able to reach for it soon once the weather warms up and I add some more color back into my skin. I recently ordered the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint (in Alaska) as my sample has just about run out. I'm going to try and be good and finish up my Laura Mercier foundation which is *almost* at its end! Of course there's the NARS Creamy Concealer which just about everyone and their mom has tried. I'm a fan, but not sure if I would consider it holy grail status. It covers well and blends in nicely to the skin, but my NYX Concealer does just as great a job and at a much lower price point. 

Cheek wise I have two blushes that are well-loved in my daily rotations, and I have the colors Lovejoy and Douceur. Lovejoy is described as a 'Shimmering Bronze Rose' and Douceur is described as a 'Soft Pink Brown.' Unfortunately NARS discontinued Douceur (much to the dismay of many beauty lovers out there), but if you're searching Tarte Exposed or ColourPop Aphrodisiac are close competitors. I also have the highlighter in Albatross which was my *first* highlight ever. I will admit that I keep this one mostly for nostalgia, but I may put this up on Depop so someone else can get some more love out of it. I did pick up the NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Craving, which I find more as a highlighter. (Def forgot to include that in the photos). There's a variety of duos and gosh darn it the packaging is just so beautiful. 

And then there's the lip products. Oh, the lippies. NARS Lip Pencils are some of the best in the business and the wide range of colors means there's truly one for everyone. There's different formulas so you're able to find a color and finish that is suited for you. I have a (hell of a) lot of lipsticks from NARS, I've listed below the specific ones I do have. 

Satin Lip Pencils: Isola Bella (Peach Beige), Rikugien (Rose Pink), Hyde Park (Cardinal Red)
Velvet Matte Lip Pencils: Walkyrie (Warm Coral Red Creme), Cruella (Scarlet Red), Damned (Magenta)
Audacious Lipsticks: Anita (Antique Rose), Barbara (Tan Rose)

My all-time favorites (possibly HG status) out of the bunch have currently got to be Walkyrie and Barbara. I love everything about them and they definitely frequent my lips on a regular day to day basis. They're wearable and neutral yet definitely noticeable. 

Every company has primers, but NARS just does them so well. I was an avid user of the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion for years. However I felt like it just wasn't cutting it and I wanted to try something new. Enter in the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and NARS Pro-Prime Pore-Refining Primer. I don't actually use eyeshadow everyday but I like to use crayon pencil eyeliners so this just helps everything stay in place all day without smudging and keeping any eyelid oil (TMI?) at bay. I've always been hesitant of using pore-minimizing primers as they tend to break me out (I'm looking at you Benefit Pore-Fessional), but I haven't experienced any issues with this. The pore refining primer has a very light scent that isn't noticeable and really helps my foundation stay put and look flawless all day. You really only need the smallest amount and I don't see myself running out soon. But I will highly consider picking up the full size if I do, or cross my fingers that this comes back as another deluxe sample. 

NARS also has some lust-worthy brushes which work as well as they look. During the last Sephora VIB sale, I took the plunge and purchased the Yachiyo Brush. This one is a great all around brush, you can use one side for blush, the other side for highlight, and the very tip to contour in the hollows of your cheekbones. It doesn't shred and is holding up quite well, I can imagine this one sticking around for a long while.  If you're considering buying this one, I whole-heartedly recommend it. 

That wraps it up! Does NARS make up a small/large portion of your makeup stash? What are some of your favorite NARS products? 

Let me know if you have any recommendations of items I definitely need to try! (NARS Dragon Girl is really up there on my list right now. Like really up there.)