Project Use It Up #2 | Skincare

In October I did so well and used up so many products (if you couldn't tell by all my empties posts). I treated myself with a rather large Sephora haul in November to replace some products. If you've been reading my posts as of late you could probably tell that I've been really big on skincare. I have a lot of new products I want to test but in the meantime I still have a few lingering products that I need to finish up. I did such a good job of clearing up space in my cabinets that I've bought too many new items / rotated in too many products at once that my once nicely spaced out skincare storage (here) is now cramped and overlapped - exactly how I wouldn't want it to be.

  • Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup RemoverI picked this up a while ago as I thought of it as a more effective micellar water for removing eyeshadows and eyeliner. This does nearly nothing against waterproof eye makeup and as I've been rocking waterproof liner and mascara a lot this past year, this one hasn't been used all too much. I've been going sans-mascara lately to be nicer to my lashes, so I try to remember to use this each time in an attempt to finally finish it up.
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Makeup Remover. This is my favorite eye makeup remover and by no means am I trying to get through it quickly, but there isn't anything more satisfying than using up a product. (Side note: since I photographed this I've since finished it up. My travel size version was alarmingly low and with a few trips scheduled I thought now was a better time than ever to transfer what was left.)
  • Origins Dr. Weil Mega Bright w SPF. I bought this a little over a year ago and was really good about using it for a good six months. I found myself going after something and new and this one quickly bumped down to my moisturizer of choice. Especially since it has SPF I can only use it in the morning. I've been reaching for this a lot more as it's colder and my skin could use that extra dose of moisture. I've hit the bottom of this so I know that another week or two of solid use should allow m to finish this one up!
  • MAC Brush CleanerI've got a few MAC products that I'm tossing, so I'm hoping I can finish this one up relatively soon so I can back to MAC it. As I've been trying to wear more eyeshadow, this has become increasingly used as I'll use it every few days to clean my makeup brushes so I have a fresh brush to work with.
  • Zoya Nail Polish Remover. I've used one, maybe two, of these up previously as this is the best nail polish remover I've come across. My mom was telling me she wanted a bottle with a pump so I actually already gave her my bottle (hence why it hasn't been photographed). This one takes all traces of polish off quickly without being harsh on your nail or cuticle. It doesn't leave that white film that most removers high in acetone do. It also helps that Zoya is cruelty free and their products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective. The polish is a 3-in-1 product, which means you get a nail polish remover, nail prep, and nail conditioner all in one.
  • Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. The one downside of these cleansing solids is that the way I use them means the center disappears first and I'm left with a ring of product. The current one I have is wearing down thin and it makes cleaning brushes rather difficult. I'm hoping I can finish this one off soon, but I may just stick this onto my new solid that I picked up as a backup during the VIB sale. If you need to be swayed - this is the best cleanser EVER. A little goes a long way, it leaves your brushes looking and feeling clean, and any stain that may be on your brush from foundation, blush, or a liquid/cream product - fear not. It will be gone.
  • Kiehl's Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. I mentioned this here before and in my upcoming Morning/Evening Skincare routines (hint hint), I'll be going a bit more in depth here. This stuff is a bit pricey and I know I'm young and probably don't really need it, but I've been using this day and night for nearly 8 months and I think I'm just finally getting to the end of this. Good bang for your buck indeed. This helps smooth the appearance of my skin and in many ways acts as the perfect primer for makeup. I do feel like this has helped a bit with those early smile lines I have around my mouth and forehead. I'm a bit tired of using the same product and want to try switching it up and focus on finishing my TooFaced Hangover Primer next.
  • Kiehl's Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment. I go in waves with eye products. I'm not a fan of layering products on my skin, that includes all creams and serums. I do so with my face largely because I sleep soon after and am not all too bothered. But after using a toner, the concentrate above, and an oil of some sort, the last thing I want to do is layer on another cream. I was really good about eye creams for a few years and went through a good few of these pots. I haven't used this one in a while as it's been neglected in my cabinet, but I've finally touched the bottom so I'm going to leave this one out and finish it up soon.
  • Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. This one is incredible for dry hands. It is a bit on the oilier side and I've since found alternatives that aren't as much. My hands have been horridly dry and cracked so in an attempt to finish this one up, I'll be applying it before I sleep every night. Fingers crossed this one can be finished up by the end of the year.
  • Glossier Super Bounce. Holy moly, I went through this stuff way faster than I did with Super Pure and Super Glow. My skin drank this up and loved it. I've mentioned that I've been working out more lately but I can't tell if the neck lines I have are slowly going away due to being healthier (aka losing weight) or because I've been applying SB around my neck and jaw area too. I have a few credits saved up so I think I may need to splurge and by myself another backup ASAP. (PS If you've been wanting to try this, do so now! The Super are back in stock and you can get 20% off your first order and/or free shipping over $30 by shopping with me through my Glossier Brand Rep Page @

Whew that was kind of a long one. In an effort to use all of these products up I've just left them all on my bathroom counter. I know I'm much more inclined to use a product if it's right in front of me. I'm a normal human and when I see something shiny and new I'm typically drawn to it immediately. Leaving the old and nearly done products out pretty much ensures that I'll reach for it. 

Sometimes I see snaps/IG stories of other bloggers with drawers on drawers of skincare products. As incredible as it is to have that many options, I can't help but feel overwhelmed for them. I think having products laid out or placed on a shelf on their own (not placed in front of one another) can really help you use what you have. I've been a lot more conscientious of products and their shelf life lately, which is why I'm making an effort to use up some products that I may have had for a while now (but aren't quite at their expiration time).

What are some products you've been trying to use up lately? What are your tips for finishing products up when you have a ton to choose from? Let's chat below!

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