Lush Treats for the Shower

Lush is still one of those hyped up brands that I haven't fully gotten on board with. The brand does look amazing and I always see products on blogs / IG that I'm interested in trying. But when I'm standing in the actual store I find that most things smell overly sweet or just seem a bit too expensive for their actual purpose (how are people dropping $$$ on these bath bombs??). Aside from the Lush Tea Tree Water (review HERE), I've found that I am a fan of the Lush shower gels. I've previously owned The Olive Branch Shower Gel, which I wrote a post on HERE. I used this one up a few months back and seeing it pop up occasionally on Kate's blog has made me yearn for it a little more. It's just a comforting smell and I think it is one of those perfect scents for the cooler seasons.

This time I decided to splurge a bit and treat myself to two of the 8.4 fl oz bottles. I think it is worth it to get the larger sizes as they're double the price, but more than double in volume and size. I got the mini size shower gel in a gift set last year and that also lasted me quite a while. If you're on the fence about trying them out, I'd highly recommend picking up a set. It's also a great way to try a few other products at once!

For the last two years I've heard continuous buzzing about a particular seasonal shower gel - Rose Jam. Now I absolutely love roses and although this is a more slightly sweeter version of your typical rose scent due to the vanilla, I think this one is still light enough to use on a regular basis. The thing about Lush shower gels is that they're expensive for what they are, but a little  seriously goes a long way. And because of that, these bottles do last for a hell of a long time. I've been using Rose Jam for the last few weeks and I've just barely hit the top of the label on my bottle. The smell fills up my bathroom so well and the scent actually does linger on my skin for a few hours. The good thing is that the scent does slowly fade away throughout the day so it isn't overly strong at all times.

I also recently picked up the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub and Pumice Power Foot Soap. I like the idea of both but they are making a bit of a mess in my shower. They're also just a tad too rough to the point where it isn't as enjoyable to use. I do love how soft they leave my skin feeling so there's that. I was a bit faffed with the price at first, but I've gotten so many uses out of them that I'm sure they've made their worth by now.

What are some of your guys' favorite Lush products? I need some recommendations to try!

PS Do you guys know if Lush takes back shower gel bottles as part of their recycling program? I seem to get varying responses on that but the store closest to me said no and that it was for those black pots only. Help a girl out.