New In: Lush Tea Tree Water

If anything, you could say that 2016 will be the year of skincare for me. Or at least January is the month of skincare. I've been eyeing so many products and I've been finally finishing up some half/mostly empty bottles of product. I'm nearing the end of my Pixi Glow Tonic and thought I'd pick up the Lush Tea Tree Water that my girl Celina is constantly raving about. Definitely going to try using a spritz of this on a cotton round in the morning and evening, and adding a spritz of this over an already dried Aesop Parsley Mask. 

Initially I had picked up the Coffee Scrub as I love all things coffee. But I am also extremely sensitive to scents and sadly could not stand the scent of this lingering under my nose. I tried using it maybe 3 times and then back to the store it went. I loved the results but I could not take the smell - anyone else? 

I'm hoping that the Tea Tree Water one will do wonders for my skin and hopefully the tea tree portion will help reduce the redness and oiliness in my skin. I've been using it for about a week both night and day and my skin has been quite happy with it!

Have you given the Lush Tea Tree Water a go? What are some of your favorite Lush skincare products?

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