Mood Boosters for Fall

It's pretty obvious that your home / space can make such a big difference on your overall mood. With Fall/Autumn making a very apparent appearance, It's actually crazy how much a little bit of added greenery and candles can change the setting and boost your mood. I never grew up with plants in the house (my dad and I had seasonal allergies which meant a big no when it came to greenery inside). When I moved home from college back to my childhood room, you could say that my room just felt a bit 'meh.' I did change up a few big pieces in my room, but overall didn't want to spend too much on pieces as I know I'll be moving out in a matter of time. I knew that succulents were relatively low maintenance and easy to house inside your room. I took to the gardening center at Home Depot and started off with a few baby succulents of my own. 

To say the least.. I killed them pretty quickly LOL. I gave them a little bit too much love and overwatered them. I also didn't give them enough light so they did grow a bit off and a bit spaced out. I did try propagating the succulents (where you cut the tops off, let the stems dry over, and re-pot them. For the most part they did successfully grow back out, but some did just wither and die away. I'm still not the best at taking care of these guys, but really just neglecting them and letting them do their own thing works so. dang. well. I have so many little pots along my windowsill (and I just chose a few of the most photogenic ones as I did recently propagate a lot of mine a few weeks back and they're looking a bit worse for words).

Candles add a little something and there's just something about burning one during Fall that just feels so cozy. It's perfect that daily weekday posting has commenced alongside with cooler weather, as I'm quite inclined to light a candle or two. I did treat myself to a large Figuier Candle (6.5 oz) after using a smaller one all last season. As mentioned in my post yesterday, I noted how these Diptyque candles really just fill up the whole room with their scent - really great bang for your buck as these are quite pricey. I do like to have a few candles lit at a time so having some large, non-scented, and cheaper candles burning around the room really adds to that relaxing ambiance - Ikea does some great large candles.

Growing up I was quite a neat and organized person, but with life came a little more mess. Everyday life can be busy and sometimes tidying up around your room can get pushed back, but the mess can quickly grow. Tidying up every night before you sleep really makes a world of a difference for waking up. Tidy room, tidy mind - words never truer. I've also been making a huge effort to clear out unwanted/unused junk and the freed up space has really done good for my soul. 

With the combination of a clear space, a touch of greenery, and a scented candle burning - my mood is instantly boosted during this crisp and chilly season. What are some things that you like to add / do to help boost your mood when the weather changes and cools down?