Find the Glow

The beginning of each calendar year can feel like a fresh start, and in a few short months one of my favorite times of the year will be here. Over the last few years I've truly discovered how much I enjoy mornings - particularly how the light shines and how at peace you can feel. I look forward to waking up with light shining outside - much preferred over the current darkness I wake up to. One thing I loved to add to my morning was showering myself with large doses of highlighter.

I thought a great first post for 2016 would be a little spotlight on some of the highlighters that are fairly new to my collection that I would love to use more of and add to my regular rotation of products. These have some drool worthy packaging and wow do these products pack a punch too. You know, the kind that leave your skin dewey, glowing, and just shy of shining bright like a disco ball. 

First up is the NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Craving. This one throws me off since it's technically a blush, but it can very much double as a pearly contour/highlight duo. I haven't used this one as a wet version, but man is this one a beauty. And also - that packaging. I'll admit that a large factor for me getting this was the packaging. NARS just does packaging so, so right. 

The second one is a fairly new one to my collection, and that's the TopShop Glow Highlighter in Polish. I've been seeing these little pots on the Internet and knew that I wanted - nay, needed - one in my life. I haven't had much experience with cream cheek products, but as you can tell that didn't stop me from picking this one up. My inner blogger just wants to come out its shell and try new products. And I gotta tell you that this is ah-mazing and ticks so many boxes. Sometimes I'll even layer this on top of another highlight product and it is pretty much glow city. Yeah, there's really just no stopping me. 

The last one is another well-loved one in the blogisphere - the Becca Shimmering Perfecter in Moonstone. These things are ultra soft and almost have a cream-like finish. This kicks up some powder when you tap your brush into it, but a little definitely goes a long way. I've been eyeing Champagne Pop, and since it hasn't gone anywhere it may be one that I pick up sometime this year. Anyone with it - is it worth it? I also love the rubber packaging on the edge of this, I know that if I were ever to drop it the product would not shatter/explode everywhere. 


I hope that all of you are off to a great start for 2016. If you're back at work or school and on the struggle train, I am with you. From the day this goes live, three more days at my current job and I'll be wrapping up near two years there. I'll get a few days off and I'll be venturing off to my new job - which I am very excited for! 

What are some products that you love to layer on to pack on a glow?

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