Lipstick Wardrobe | November

So earlier this month I did a crazy Sephora haul and picked up an insane amount of lip products. As noted in my last post on NAILS INC. products, I've really been into neutral and products better suited for everyday wear. Although it's the peak of Fall and the weather has finally turned coolerI oddly haven't been overly drawn to dark lips. I do reach for them for special occasions, but I have been more drawn to the neutrals. 

I finally picked up some Kat Von D liquid lipsticks (about damn time) and am absolutely loving the formula. It is long lasting and has a much thinner formula so it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the lips. I got the Lolita duo during the VIB sale as a way to try out Lolita. But funnily enough I ended up preferring Lolita II! It's a beautiful neutral and gives almost a tan/burnt orange look on my lips. This is much what I would expect Velvet Teddy to look like on my lips. I like to pair Lolita II over MAC Taupe and it is done deals.  

Bite Beauty is a brand I've also been wanting to try, and I am so so impressed with it. I got the Butter Cream Lipstick in Pecan and have reached for this a whole lot since I got it. The marketing ploy behind this is that it has been hand cut to get to the creamiest part of the lipstick. The formula of this is very comfortable on the lips and I have definitely been eyeing Rosewood next.

Of course, how could I not reach for Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry? It is the season to wear it, and oh am I wearing it. I was walking around the Nordstrom near me and noticed that they have a Charlotte Tilbury makeup stand. *Cue angels singing* I walked straight to it and began swatching as cartoon hearts popped out of my eyes. I am definitely eyeing Bond Girl and Very Victoria - when I'm feeling spendy I will definitely be in trouble. 

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What are some lip products you've been loving lately?