Treat Yourself - #2

Burberry Pale Barley, MAC Soar, MAC Beurre

My work place is a small firm with a few other ladies.  Most of the women at my office are simple when it comes to their clothing apparel, and extremely simple when it comes to their makeup (aka close to none). Shock horror - I know. But hey, power to them for being 100% confident in their own skin. I just love dressing up, and "painting on my face," as my brother says, is one thing I do for myself and myself alone. Anyways, I digress - recently I helped one of my oldest (&bestest) friend get an interview and a job at my office and she is on par with me in dressing up and doing her makeup. This makes me so much more excited to get ready everyday. Including that spurred me on to find makeup that is enough to make a notable difference, yet simple enough to not be all whoa- out there looking.

This is a post that I'm guilty of having queued up for a while, but never really had a chance to get around posting. This post was definitely a 'Treat Yourself' type haul, but also one that was a definite 'Hard to Come By' post. I was meandering around Nordstrom (as usual) and I came across two items that have been on my wish list for months. That would be the Burberry eyeshadow in Pale Barley & the MAC lip liner in Soar. I have a pretty bad habit of buying products that I'll use in the event that I go out, aka dark/bright lipsticks and fun eyeshadow palettes. I wanted to go on the more neutral trend and start adding products to my beauty collection that were more "my [fill in the blank] but better", and products appropriate for work wear. 

Pale Barley is one eyeshadow single that pretty much everyone out there has heard of, as Burberry's makeup line is just notorious for their classic patterned packaging, as well as their amazing quality. For months I tried to pick up this eyeshadow and it was always sold out. I highly debated between Pale Barley and Rosewood, which is another gorgeous shade, but settled on Pale Barley as it is a more neutral shade. One day, I was walking through and Burberry had just received a shipment that day - and everything. was. in. stock. Man, it must have been my lucky day. And you can bet that I picked this up with no hesitation. This is my first Burberry product (of any sort) ever - from the product packaging, to the packaging of the item itself, everything is A+. I mean the eyeshadow came in a suede pouch.. if that isn't bougie I don't know what is.

Fast forward a few kiosks over and I find myself at M.A.C. Now everyone always wants the typical products, and I wanted to swatch products to see the shades for myself before I looked at the name. Surprisingly I went ahead and picked up Whirl and Soar (which were BOTH in stock), and I spoke to one of the reps and she let me know that Whirl was closer to the lipstick shade in Twig (which I own), so I decided to go ahead and pick up Soar. Since I was planning to use the lip liner as an all over lip color. As I was walking around, she suggested that I look into the Creamstick Lipliners. I came across the shade Beurre and it is a beautiful, deep mauve color which is described as a dirty plum. This formula does feel dry on the lips, but not to the point that it is uncomfortable, and it pretty much lasts all day. Just to continue with my story, Brave also happened to be in stock that day (seriously, should have went for a lotto ticket that day, although I decided against it as I couldn't possibly need another nude/mauve/pink. 

Anywho, I've been loving all three of these products and I honestly could not be happier. What are some of your favorite neutral products? Or what are some products that you had difficulty getting your hands on that you are so happy you have now?

Happy Monday everyone!