Caught Me Blushin'

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I was tagged by Hao to do this Blush Addict Tag! This is one tag I've seen floating around and found it very fun. Blush is one thing that I adore, but one thing I also seem to never allow myself to buy much of. As I have never touched pan on a single blush palette I own, I really restrict myself from buying too many. As you can see in the photo above, I tend to stick to similar color palettes. Continue reading to take a peak into my favorite blush picks!

1. What color blush suits you the most?

I think that both darker rose and coral colors seem to suit me well. I'm talking about Benefit's Dallas // NARS Lovejoy & Benefit's Coralista. I absolutely love wearing deeper colored blushes during the Fall and Winter as I am ghastly pale, and in the Spring and Summer I love to wear brighter corals to brighten up my complexion.

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?

I'm more of a pressed blush kind of gal, it's a no-mess fuss-free guarantee that I typically enjoy in the morning. Especially when I'm half asleep with careless hands. I tell ya, cleaning up loose blush product from a carpet is not fun. 

3. Favorite shimmery / satin blush?

My favorite shimmery blush is probably Benefit's Coralista. It's a lovely coral blush with just the right amount of shimmer. This is perfect for warmer weather and I find this blush on rotation during the Spring and Summer. 

My favorite satin blush may be Bobbi Brown's Nude Peach. It is a subtle pinky blush with a touch of peach added in. It's wonderful all year round and really helps to add a bit of color into my face.

4. Favorite matte blush?

NARS Douceur hands down is my favorite matte blush. I am over the moon that I got this before it got discontinued, Sephora VIB sale - it was always meant to be. This stuff is wonderful to use year round, and hopefully I never hit pan because I don't know what I would do without it.

5. Favorite cream blush?

I actually do not own any cream blushes, the idea of cream blushes highly disinterested me for most of my life. In the past few months I've seen tons of makeup gurus and bloggers alike singing praises to the wonders of cream blushes and cream highlighters - specifically to their ability to add a dewy and glowy effect to your skin. I've been eyeing the TopShop cream blushes and the Josie Maran watercolor blushes. The thought of cream or liquid blushes really intimidates me, but the fun side of exploring beauty products for me is being adventurous and expressing myself with makeup. 

Blush Addict Tag, Benefit, NARS, Laura Geller, Urban Decay, E.L.F., Bobbi Brown, Blush Product

6. Favorite drugstore blush?

Unfortunately I only have one drugstore blush at the moment, although I do have some blushes on my wish list (mainly the Milani baked blushes). I have the E.L.F. palette which is rumored to be similar to the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo. I find it less pigmented and shimmery which is right up my alley. The blush on this isn't the best formula, but for the cheap price I really have no complaints. 

7. Favorite high end blush?

I don't own too many high end blushes (YSL, Chanel, Dior, and those sorts). I am fortunate enough to have a wide variety of Benefit and NARS blushes which I absolutely adore. I'm not too fussy with my colors, and basically every blush that I have tried from these two brands have been total wins in my book! Some of my favorites, as seen above, are Benefit's Coralista & Dallas, and NARS Douceur and Lovejoy.

8. Favorite bright blush?

I recently went to BeautyCon LA and received the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Rosewater* as a complimentary sample while walking around. This stuff does have firmly packed product which also does not transfer too easily. However, it really adds a beautiful rosy pink pop of color onto my cheeks. I'm not usually drawn to bright blushes, but since this was free I gave it a try and I absolutely love it. This has definitely pulled me out of my shell and gives me the confidence boost to try more!

9. Favorite blush palette?

This is one that I added because I just felt like it! I would say the Urban Decay Naked Flush Palette in Sleek is hands down my favorite blush palette. It is a beautiful light pink shade with touches of coral, a bronzer which compliments my skin tone, and the loveliest pearly pink highlighter ever. This is the best palette to take while on vacation as this is a serious triple threat. Additionally, it has a huge mirror so that'll never be an issue either! 

10. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?

NARS Orgasm was the biggest disappointment for me. It was such a hyped up color said to look wonderful on everyone. It may look lovely, but it was just not my cup of tea. It was overly shimmery and I felt as though I had just slathered rather finely ground glitter all over my face. I ended up returning it (much to the shock and dismay of the Sephora rep), and haven't looked back since. 

11. Best blush packaging?

I actually really love the packaging of the NARS blushes. I know they can easily get dirty with powders and finger prints, but who doesn't love the matte packaging on these pans? These matte black beauty products are lust worthy items in every beauty collection. These are tough enough to survive your makeup bag without opening up or getting scratched up. 

I found that a quick fix for cleaning up the packaging to bring it back to life would be the Makeup Forever Brush Cleaner. I saw this tip on a blog a while back and when I tried it out for myself, it was like re-opening the NARS packaging for the first time. If you have a problem with keeping the packaging clean, definitely give this a try! 

12. What's on your blush wishlist?

I am seriously lusting over the Clinique cheek pop blushes. Now that they've expanded the line there are even more color ranges to choose from and I don't even know where to start. I. want. them. allllll. But with a much more affordable price tag, these may quite possibly be mine soon. On the pricier side, my wish list definitely includes the Hourglass blushes - from the packaging, to the marbling pattern, to the smooth consistency - what not is there to love? 

13. Number 1 holy grail blush

This is a toughie, but I think I have to say that Benefit's Dallas is my holy grail blush. My favorite seasons to dress up for are Fall and Winter, and this is the perfect blush to add color to my pale skin all year long. 

Blush Addict Tag, Benefit, NARS, Laura Geller, Urban Decay, E.L.F., Bobbi Brown, Blush Product

I tag Miriam of A Whole Lot of Serendipity to do this tag, as well as any of you reading this! 

Please let me know if you have done this tag so I can go and read through all your favorite picks!