On The Table: Watches

Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors, Casio, Kate Spade, Watch

L-R // Daniel Wellington | Michael Kors | Casio | Kate Spade


Watches are a daily accessory that are a true hit or miss with people. Some people love it, some people can't be bothered with an item restricting their wrist. Back when I was 11 years young I had a baby blue Baby G watch - I still laugh when I look back because they were "all the rage." Glad to see that the times have veered away from this particular style, the early 2000's just provided so many laughable memories. During the rest of my middle school/high school years it wasn't cool to wear a watch. And who wants that annoying watch tan? Not me. And with cell phones who needed a watch to tell time anyways? 

I stayed away from watches for almost a decade, up until the summer before my senior year in college. I had started an internship at a law office and wanted a watch so I wouldn't have to keep pulling out my phone for the time. I picked up a Casio watch - it was an ode to be just like my dad - he had one of those nerdy digital engineer watches with the built in calculator - lawl.

 This was a fun twist, much more up my style alley. This particular watch has the actual face as well as an analog clock - perfect for me as I was too lazy to try and read the time anyways. You could say that this really helped to fuel my watch addiction. Since then, I've began picking up watches for new events in life - it's wonderful to look back at a watch to help follow along with the milestones in life.

When I turned 21 my parents decided to buy me a watch to formally "welcome me to adulthood." I couldn't handle having a watch over $500 because who even wants to wear that?! I'd be too freaked out about scratching it and what not. I was 21 and I was obsessed with rose gold, so obviously I went for the rose gold Michael Kors watch. I got the Mini Bradshaw as it isn't too large on my wrists (which are rather small), and was the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. This is definitely my chunkiest watch and I don't find myself reaching for it too often - but it's definitely one I look to for nights out or dinner dates. 

When I started working in retail, I really needed a watch to check the time, as you can't have your phone with you on the floor. I wanted something a little simpler which would be a classic staple watch for me. So when a friends&fam event at Kate Spade popped up I jumped at the chance to buy the Gramercy watch. I love that the face of the watch is simple - with lines in place of the numbers. Everything about it was so simple, and the face is so thin that it doesn't bother at all. 

When I finally left the world of retail (good riddance), I started working in a law office. I had wanted a classic leather strap watch for a more casual yet classic feel. My work place is an extremely casual setting, so I didn't want anything too fancy. I had seen Daniel Wellington watches all over the place and bit the bullet and got my own. I got the Classic Bristol Lady in rose gold and let me tell you - it is gorrrrgeous. Even my dad - a simple man - complimented my watch. That's pretty impressive. I've had this bad boy for over a year now and the leather is aging beautifully. There are no cracks, just the normal wear and tear which shows the love that goes into this watch. I've had my eye on the black leather strap, and since the straps are easily interchangeable my fingers and credit card are itching to take the plunge and mix it up.  

What are some of your favorite watch brands that you love? I'd love to start the search for my next watch!