MAC Collection: Lipsticks - The Neutrals

MAC, MAC Lipsticks, Twig, Taupe, Freckle Tone
MAC, MAC Lipsticks, Twig, Taupe, Freckle Tone

L-R // Freckle Tone, Taupe, Twig

MAC lipsticks are on the cheap(er) side of beauty lip products. They have a wide variety of shades and formulas that everyone is bound to find their perfect lip product - to each their own, right?

I'm going to start off my MAC lipstick collection with my neutral selections. The first one up is Freckle Tone. It is a lovely nude alternative that doesn't make my skin look grey or dead, it gives a nice peachy brown sheen and is great to compliment a darker, smokey eye.

Next up is Taupe - now I picked this up pre-Kylie Jenner era and I loved how it reminded me of a nice nude brown lip. Definitely a 90's esque lip color. One thing I really liked about this product was that it just added an overall warmth to my complexion - it made my eyes seem darker and just pop. It fades beautifully and you don't need to worry too much about whether or not it's all over your face. 

Last up is quite possibly my favorite MAC lip product - Twig. Now I had a post dedicated to this little thing, so I'll keep my opinions short on this. It is a great neutral lip with a pop of color that is so so easy to wear. Similar to Taupe, this fades out nicely to give a nice and subtle stain. The formula is extremely wearable, it has a matte sheen but isn't drying so it doesn't feel as though all the moisture is being sucked out of your lips. 

Next up on my list of MAC lip products to get are Brave and Whirl (says every girl out there). I'm basic, I've accepted it. One of my beauty "goals" is to get more neutral makeup pieces that I can easily incorporate into my everyday use. As much as I love a bold lip, it's not exactly appropriate for an office work setting. 

What are some of your favorite neutral lip products? MAC or any other brand? Do share the love and knowledge!