Repair the Hair

About half a year ago I colored my hair and had my hair ombred. In the beginning my hair was fine, but soon after (about two weeks) it began to feel really dry, frizzy, and extremely damaged. For the first time in my life (overdramatic) I couldn't brush my hair without getting tangles or knots,  and I understood why people were always looking for good brushes and products to avoid the pain of sorting their way through tangles.

I began searching for products that would really bring my hair back to life, and back to my old healthy hair. This Macadamia Deep Repair Masque smells ah-mazing and really makes your hair soft and silky, I remember some bloggers talking about this product years ago. 

How I use this: The instructions state to apply the masque to clean hair for up to 7 minutes - I usually shampoo, rinse, and use this masque in place of conditioner. I put my hair in a bun at the top my head after I've applied the masque so that it doesn't accidentally get washed out. I usually go about and exfoliate or shave or whatnot to help kill time - full on pamper sesh. When I first started using this product I would use it about two times a week, but as my hair is now in a way better state than before, I use it about once every week or two. It's one of those pamper products that I love. I first bought the 3.3 oz size to test it and see if I liked it, and just recently upgraded to the larger size (8.5 oz). The "smaller" size lasted me six whole months. Truly worth it. 

In addition to the Macadamia masque, I began using the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product w/ Keratin. I've never been one to use products as heat protectants and I don't exactly use this for that reason, but I was perusing through Ulta and came across the hair section and literally picked up bottles from every brand I encountered and read the backs.  This product reads "The It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product claims to be a nourishing treatment to help make hair stronger and healthier by replacing lost proteins, and can be used to restore hydration balance, detangle, defrizz, and add shine." This pretty much checked off every single item I was looking for in a hair product and I was ready to shell out $20 for this bottle. 

How I use this: when I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair while I brush my teeth and apply all my skincare products. I usually spray this product near the roots of my hair and brush down to disperse the product throughout my hair. I have barely made a dent in the bottle I have, but I will definitely be repurchasing this product when I run out.

After combining these two products into my "hair regime" my hair has become sooo soft. Possibly the softest my hair has been in my entire life. My hair is prone to get odd waves and frizz, and these two products have really helped to smooth things out. 

I am extremely lucky that my hair grows really fast (about 1 inch per month at least), so I took the dive and opened up my wallet to get my hair cut and colored again. This time I went with a shorter cut, chopping off about 6 inches of hair and adding some color in my hair to give a nice sun kissed effect. And you can bet that I will be continuing to use these products to keep my hair feeling salon-fresh and soft until the next cut!

What are some of your hair care must-haves and hair saving products?