February // Favorite Little Things

February has come and gone and Spring is right around the corner. February in California was a bit of a daze, for the most part the weather was warm and sunny and Mother Nature teased and dangled Spring right in front of us. 


With the lovely weather, I've really been going for dewy and brighter looks. These are a few of my favorite little things from this past month.


My brother went to Korea over Christmas and I asked him to pick something up for me that helps with redness. I constantly hear about beauty products in Korea and I figured being Asian, I should definitely try some of them out. I'm always curious to see if my skin will be happier using "Asian" products. My brother picked up this Mist Essence for skin prone to redness for me and I actually quite like it. I've been using it after I wash my face and the spritz is a true mist - no droplets of product being shot out and running down your face. The can releases a nice, airy mist that you can gently pat into your skin. It adds a nice natural glow to my skin and I really feel that my skin looks brighter when I wear it. Regarding the redness reducing, all I can say is that my skin agrees with this stuff. My slightly pink cheeks are still pink, but I've noticed that they aren't as pink as they were before. The product has a light, pleasant scent that is great to wake up to and slowly fades within a few minutes. If anything, I love the refreshing feel this mist leaves.


I recently picked up the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation during an ULTA sale and oh man - this stuff glides onto my skin like butter (not that I'd want to put butter on my face, but you get the gist). I do think that this is one of those foundations that you can really layer and build up, but for some light coverage that I'm looking for this one gets the job done. I'm not too fond of having a ton of product slathered on my face and I really look for products that will feel like second skin. This one definitely checks off a bunch of boxes for me and I can see myself reaching for this often.


 When using foundation I like to add a little bit of life back in to my complexion, and I've been using this bronzer to do just that. I really like that this bronzer just adds a touch of color without being too orange. This was definitely an EssieButton recommendation, and I was all for it knowing that she has pale skin like me. I've been using this for months and I haven't even touched pan on it.


 A few months ago I read that this shade was being discontinued (to my surprise) and jumped on getting it after hearing so much and seeing so many swatches. This is a dusty rose and is the most gorgeous color. There isn't any shimmer and is a nice matte shade so it's great for those "no-makeup makeup" looks. This has been in rotation for me and I'm not sure if I'll be taking it out anytime soon.


Now I've seen Zoella rave and rave about this lipstick for years, and every time I walked through a drugstore beauty aisle I'd look for one to try buy. Finally, my day came as I walked through ULTA and I got the last one. *Don't worry, I checked to make sure it wasn't swatched or used.* I was so excited to purchase this and pretty much tried it on the second I got home. I wore it to dinner that night and it lasted through the.whole.damn.thing. What's better is that even after it began to wear off, my lips were ever so slightly stained that I didn't have that patchy worn-off lipstick look. It also smells really fruity, which is better than that waxy smell that most other lipsticks have (here's looking at you MAC lipsticks).



Now I watch a lot of TV shows, but since joining that post-grad work life, I really don't find myself having too much time to keep up with shows. Recently, I've started watching

Empire. Now I know a lot of people are so over musical, broadway-like shows, but I love me a good music filled show. This show has definitely been my guilty pleasure and luckily enough for me - so is it for my boyfriend. There's a perfect balance of drama and music to build a story line that keeps us coming back to watch. The cast is incredibly talented music-wise, and they're set to bring in real-life music talents such as Anthony Hamilton. They're even rumored to be bringing in Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dog/Lion (?..), and more. 



I love me some board games. When my friends and I first graduated from college and came home, we had frequent game nights. But as a lot of my friends have gotten jobs and moved around, we're more scattered and it's hard to get together to play games. My boyfriend and I are determined to make Game Night a thing. This will happen. We've agreed to buy one new game every month - all in support of building up our game collection and establishing game night. 

SUSHI GO - Sneak Peak: Pudding anyone?

SUSHI GO: The game we bought this past month is a card game with probably the cutest artwork I've ever seen. Literally. Ever.  I mean just look at that pudding. The game is extremely affordable and I will most likely end up doing Feature Posts on this game detailing more about it. Those posts will share the different games we buy so that we can share our love of board games with you all!

What are some of the things you've been enjoying as of late?