Feelin' Fresh

My first spotlight post will be about a product that has been a complete lifesaver for me during the Winter months - the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. Alright, so California Winters probably don't count but, yaknow. These lip products are so moisturizing, they're great for anyone who is having problems with dry, chapped lips - and let me tell ya, these make a huge difference. 

Can we take a moment to talk about the packaging? For $22.50 a pop thing product does not come cheap, but it does do an amazing job and the packaging is exactly what you pay for. The metal on the tube is sturdy and will not dent easily, and the cap twists on and off so you don't have to worry about the tube uncapping and getting all over the bottom of your bag. (Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?)

Now my one bit with this product is that it melts. Yeah, melts. I've carried this around in my purse during the warmer months, and when I try and apply it the product just goes everywhere. I tell you, it is not a pretty sight. Just be mindful of where you store it, and try to keep it in a cool place! Other than that it's smooth sailing.

Fresh, Fresh Sugar Lips, Fresh Sugar Lip treatment Tulip, Fresh Sugar Lip treatment Berry, Fresh Sugar Lip treatment Plum

These lip products have a slight tint without being too over the top, which makes them great for everyday wear! I have three colors: Petal, which has a nice dusty rose color; Berry, which has a sheer fuchsia tint; and Plum, which adds a slightly vampy and everyday look. Sephora carries 12 different colors, ranging from corals to reds and even an un-tinted balm for those who aren't looking for a pop of color. 

Do you use Fresh products? If so, what other products would you recommend?

What's your favorite tinted lip balm? I'd love to check out some other brands and colors! 

Thank you for reading! My goal is to try and post every Wednesday. I may post more here and there throughout the week, but I'm starting small and giving myself one goal to follow as well as some time to get into the swing of things.


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