A Quick Internet Detox

As I get older, something I’m trying to do more often is a quick internet detox. To be fair, I don’t completely include TV in this because I could curl up on the couch and watch TV for hours. I usually like to type up posts when watching TV and also don’t really consider that as being on the internet *shrug*. When I say detox, I’m really talking more about social media and mindless browsing through the internet.   

Have a big unfollow.

This one is harsh but so important. I think every once in a while it’s good to have a big unfollow that really cuts out anybody on your feed that does not bring you joy. If you no longer enjoy seeing their content or gain inspiration from their feed, why not cut it? I had someone message me to tell me they were sorry to see me go and swiftly unfollowed me back. I was shoccccked but you know, no hard feelings. I've been bummed to be unfollowed by fellow bloggers, but when it comes down to it - you need to be happy with the content you're seeing too. And not just following someone for the sake of following or for a follow back. Purge everything - whether that's your Bloglovin' feed, Instagram, or Twitter. If you even care, feel free to de-friend some people on Facebook that you "met in college that one time" but don't really know otherwise. We all have those FB “friends”.

Put an OOO on your emails.

This is something that comes so naturally to me at work, but sometimes I just don't think about doing it with my blog email. Granted it's not like I have a ton of emails coming in, but I do get enough that sometimes I feel guilty for not responding for a week or so. I try not to email back on my work computer and often times typing up an entire email on my phone is just too tedious and error-prone. 

Pick up a book and read.

It's been ages since I've really sat down and read, and the last book I read was A Dog's Purpose (I cried my eyes out), but I was on a cruise and didn't have anything else to do lol. Sometimes it feels weird to sit on my couch and read a book while my bf sits next to me on his computer. I just need to have a little me time and curl up with my monthly book club book, a cup of coffee, and just delve into the book.

Pick up a new hobby.

You’re honestly never too old to pick up a new hobby! With the Internet at your finger tips, you are bound to come across a new thing. Save ideas of things that you may want to pick up. I go in and out with enjoying knitting. My mom is super crafty and I grew up sewing crafts and knitting/crocheting little blankets for my toys and scarves. When I was younger I was really only interested in doing simple stitches, but as I get older and enjoy nicer things I’m keen on *one day* knitting myself a nice scarf with fancy stitching/patterns. I love little crafts and have seem some mini Amigurumi Crochet pieces around the internets and kind of want to try some. With everything takes practice and while I do dedicate a lot of my non-working/non-sleeping hours to content creation, I do sometimes want to shut off my brain and just work on other things.

Have a deep clean or declutter.

Does anybody else find cleaning therapeutic or is it just me? I know my brother is the same way and during finals season when we were in school, we’d both procrastinate and clean rather than study. Mostly because cleaning was a great way of de-stressing. I also think we subconsciously did it because tidy space = tidy mind, and with messy surroundings we were too distracted to truly focus. Obviously by the end of my first year of college, I learned that these were my habits and would spend the few weekends before finals season cleaning my room so I wouldn’t have an excuse to procrastinate later. But putting on a good playlist and really going through everything and giving things a nice clean gives you the best feeling.

Have a TV/Movie Marathon & Bake !

This is actually one of T and I’s favorite things to do as of late. RIP the days of Harry Potter movie marathon-ing, it was a real bummer not to have them during the holiday season last year. But these days you can probably catch us binging Game of Thrones in anticipation for the final season(s). In general we’ve been trying to cook more, and sometimes we like to just crack open our pantry and bake some cookies - T definitely has a bigger sweet tooth than me. But sometimes it’s therapeutic and baking keeps our hands busy so we’re not always on our phones or computers.

What are some of your favorite ways to have a nice Internet detox?

Do you ever have a big detox and get away from that entire online world?