Thoughts on Glossier 1+ Year Later and a New Launch

Glossier could un-doubtedly be dubbed one of the it-girl brands from 2016-2018. There was a time when *almost* everyone was going crazy over the brand and quickly jumping over one another over every launch. I feel like that time has come and gone - my own actions included. While I still very much love Glossier and still own quite a bit of products, I will admit that it’s not a brand that I’m necessarily going crazy over these days. Maybe it’s because all the products I own and use are still ones I regularly reach for. Another reason is I don’t think they truly had any “wow” launches towards the end of last year that have done much to get me excited. (Although they did launch a new product recently - scroll all the way down to see what it is!) Now don’t get me wrong - the products I have I still love. And I wanted to share the products that are tried and true and long-lasting favorites.

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser - I always have several backups of MJC on backup because both my fiancé and I love to use it. I use this as my designated second cleanse and I just know that it works well with my skin. Typically I love to go in with an oil or balm cleanser as my first cleanse which does a great job of making my skin feel clean but tends to leave a thin film on my skin. I love to go in with MJC as my second cleanse to get all of that off and leave my skin baby soft. The thing I love most about this is that my skin always feels clean but never dry or stripped. The texture is a thick jelly which is cooling to the touch and comfortable on wet or dry skin. Just a disclaimer that this does not remove waterproof makeup (and it doesn’t claim to) and IMO doesn’t do the best job as a first cleanse for non waterproof makeup in general. But since I use it as a second cleanse, it works perfectly for me. I was recently doing some inventory checking of my products and saw that I have three backup bottles of MJC - if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  • Cloud Paint :: CP is probably one of m y all time favorite blush formulas. Before CP, I was always nervous about the idea of using cream or liquid blushes. The great thing about these products is that you can mix and blend them to create different shades. I don’t really find that you can mess up as they’re easy to blend and work in for a natural flush. Out of all of the shades, my three go-to shades are Dusk, Storm, and Haze. I literally recommend everyone to try them from Glossier and I haven’t had anyone say they didn’t love it. If you’ve been on the fence - go for it! And get the Cloud Paint Duo and try Dusk + another shade. I mostly say this because Dusk looks good on its own but is also a shade I find works best mixed in with other hues. Storm and Haze are similar pigmented hues - I tend to go for Storm in the Fall/Winter months and go for Haze in the Spring/Summer months. I will buy these til the end of time - I honestly swear by these.

  • Glossier You :: I can’t really tell you what it is about this scent that makes it so good, but it is so effing good. Maybe part of this is extra nostalgic because this scent came out around the time that T and I moved in. So whenever I spritz this, I just smile thinking because it brings me back to the time when T and I ventured out into a more independent life together. It has a nice musky scent that adjusts as you wear it. They also brought out a mini solid version which is nice for throwing in your bag. I actually left this in the little pouch it came with on my desk near the window and the top part of the pebble actually changed colors (???) so idk. That was a bit weird so maybe that’s a sign that it’s time that I get a new one soon.

  • Perfecting Skin Tint :: PST is one of my favorite day-to-day bases to wear. In general, a lot of my friends, co-workers, and family do not wear makeup so I personally never want to look super overdone in comparison. I usually reserve full bases for nights outs and special occasions. While PST does not cover all imperfections, I love that it lets your natural skin shine through (i.e. freckles, birth marks, etc.) while helping to even out your skin tone - goodbyeee redness! I do love to mix this in with a full on foundation as it just adds a touch of natural glowiness to your look. Personally this + Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is goooold on me. But I do try using this mixed with other foundations and it works. This used to come in 5 limited shade ranges - light, medium, dark, deep, rich. While this covered a good amount of skin tones out there, it wasn’t always a perfect match for everyone and also didn’t meet the needs for a lot of others. Glossier recently expanded the range to cover 12 different shades - from G1 (richest) to G12 (lightest).

    • A lot of those in the beauty community are applauding Glossier for a different approach of placing the darkest shade at the beginning of the shade spectrum rather than the lightest. I’ll admit I’m a bit oblivious to this because I’m usually in the third/half of the shade range and don’t often pay attention. I am trying to be better about noticing this as so many have recently brought up shade diversity - not just in the bases but also in the pigments of blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks being able to accurately show up on all skin tones.

  • Stretch Concealer :: I’ll admit that in my move to my current apartment, I misplaced my Stretch Concealer and was without it for a few months. I had just found it prior to the new shade release and was reminded of how much I loved it. This is the easiest product to use as a spot concealer or base - I usually use this on it’s own most days when I’m too lazy to cover redness on my cheeks and around my nose. When they say “stretch” they really mean it - it just adapts to your skin so well and does not settle into lines or creases. I have had a few people message me and say that Stretch Concealer doesn’t work for them, so I guess it won’t work for everyone. But most people that did reach out to me would describe their skin as mature (35+) and oily.

  • The Supers (Bounce + Pure) :: Of the three Supers, Super Bounce is my all time favorite! I find Bounce to be a great lightweight and hydrating serum that sinks in super quickly - it makes it great for AM use because you don’t have to wait forever for it to sink in before moving onto the next step. Tbh it probably won’t cut it for dehydrated winter skin, but it’s a great go-to during the warmer months. I’m fortunate to not have finicky skin, but when my skin does decide to act up I like to keep a bottle of Super Pure on reserve to help calm my skin. I did an entire post on some of my go-to acne fighting products here. For the most part the post is still accurate, although I do like to incorporate pimple stickers into the routine nowadays!

  • Invisible Shield :: Can you guys believe that Invisible Shield has been out for almost two years now? This is one of my favorite lightweight sun protectants and I particularly like using this during the warmer seasons as I feel others have a chance to make me oilier throughout the day. I was packing for a trip I went on earlier this month and had packed away my sunscreen. I was about to put on my makeup and realized that I skipped this step *the horror* and I opened my backup cabinet and saw this in there and decided to use it. I remembered just how much I loved it and actually am very tempted to take it out again. It wore so beautifully and it makes me kick myself a little for setting it aside. You can read more about my thoughts here!

  • Milky Oil :: This is a new launch that was released last week, but I’ve been trying it out for about a week before that! I actually screamed when I opened my package because this is probably the one product I felt was missing from Glossier’s lineup. Although I would be able to have an entire routine filled with Glossier, I would need to have a separate makeup remover since your girl is an avid waterproof mascara wearer (it’s the only thing that helps my pin straight lashes keep a curl). The bottle may look small but it contains 3.4 oz of product and retails at $12. Compared to my usual go-to removers like Bobbi Brown ($30 for 3.4oz), Clarins ($30 for 4.2oz), and Lancome ($30 for 4.2oz), this one is an extreme bang for your buck deal. Ok personally I think this is unscented, but recently two people have informed me that they do feel like there is a slight scent - it’s not a fragrance, but just an ingredient (One said vinegar, another said acetone (again, ??) lol - so just a disclaimer there. Our noses are all different!).

And that’s about it! I hope that helps you if you’re new to the brand (or not), or was just wondering what were some of “the best” of Glossier. I know a lot of people tend to turn the other way when they look at Glossier products these days. I know the whole rep program can seem overwhelming sometimes and as a rep, I do apologize if you ever feel “overly spammed” by it. I definitely try to be considerate to those who feel negative towards the rep program as a whole and you probably see me posting less about the brand in general. I still love the brand, the products, the vision. I just wanted to let you guys know that I still use these products and I still stand by all of them!

On a side note - Glossier announced that they’ll be starting up a new brand - Glossier Play - which will be launching in March 2019.
As a Glossier Rep, i’m not too sure if they’ll let us in on anything related to that (we’re in the dark too) so let’s all be excited together!

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